The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

November 30, 2012

Princeville murderers moved to Central Prison

Van Holland

TARBORO — Two suspects charged with five murders — two in Princeville and three in Farmville — have been moved to Central Prison in Raleigh and placed in maximum security cells.

The pair, who were moved in separate operations, were transferred becuase of their behavior while being held for trial in the Pitt County Detention Center.

Willie Whitehead, 23, of Edgecombe County, was transferred in October after he allegedly masterminded a plot to kill Pitt County Sheriff Neil Elks, his wife and an assistant district attorney’s daughter. That plot resulted in four counts of solicitation to commit first degree murder being adding to his list of pending charges.

Antwan Anthony, 29, was moved after he tried to stab a Pitt County Detention Officer on Nov. 15.

Details included in arrest warrants say Anthony became destructive on Nov. 15 and broke light fixtures inside his cell, which was located in a segregation unit away from the  general jail population. Later that day, Anthony tried to stab a detention officer with an ink pen as the officer was passing a meal through the door at lunch time. The officer was able to defend himself and wasn’t injured.

Anthony and Whitehead are both charged in the March 18 murders of 33-year old Quantellis Carr and 31-year old Jasmine Chesson inside their 307 Geddie Ave. home in Princeville as well as three employees of the Hustle Mart in Farmville about a month later. All five victims were killed execution style.

Anthony is no stranger to the prison system. Records indicate he spent more then 10 years behind bars in Connecticut before being released on parole to North Carolina.

He was sent to prison in Connecticut in 2002 for second degree assault. Reports say he carved his initials into a teenager’s chest because he thought the boy gave information to police about him in an unrelated case.

Anthony was sent to prison for two years for that conviction, but continued to tack on more time to his sentence once inside the prison for assaulting prison officials.

While in prison, it was reported by The Hartford Courant newspaper that Anthony was written up for rules violations 129 times — including assault on prison officials at least five times. The newspaper also stated there were at least five separate occasions where Anthony attempted self mutilation.

Before Anthony was released from prison last January, he promised prison officials someone would die. Two months later, Carr and Chesson were killed and another month after that, the triple murders occurred in Farmville.

(Information from WNCT was used in this story.)