The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

August 23, 2013

NJ company places bid on county buildings

MOSC Enterprises wants old DSS, health department facilities


TARBORO — At one time, the old Department of Social Services building served as a home for veterans with nowhere else to go. Today, a prospective property owner says he wants to use the building to once again help veterans.

MOSC Enterprises, LLC, a company based in Toms River, N.J., has placed a $550,000 bid on the property formerly used as the Tarboro branches of the social services and health departments, locsated at 3003 N. Main St.

Adrian Moscoguiri, owner of MOSC Enterprises, said he intends to use the Tarboro property primarily to provide medical services to senior citizens and veterans.

“We’re going to try to put in programs that are needed in the area,” Moscoguiri said. “I’ve been active in North Carolina for the past year and trying to do something with veterans, trying to help out.”

Edgecombe County has deposited MOSC Enterprises’ bid on the property in the bank, according to County Manager Lorenzo Carmon. As noted in an Aug. 15  legal ad in The Daily Southerner, other prospective purchasers have 10 days to put down an upset bid for the property. If no upset bids are placed, the sale of the property will be final. MOSC originally filed with the State of New Jersey on May 23, 2012, as a domestic limited liability company.

Moscoguiri also said the property would be a “green” facility and that he plans to use solar energy to power the building. Moscoguiri said he is also the owner of New Jersey-based ProSolar Solutions and Sunergy America, LLC, although thr Sunergy website lists him as a “solar sales network specialist.” The Town of Tarboro, at its Aug. 12 meeting, approved “federally mandated solar energy interconnection agreements.”

The building that previously housed DSS was built in 1937 and was known as the “County Home,” according to local historian Monika Fleming.  She said the County Home housed the poor and veterans without families and was funded as part of Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration in the Great Depression. The County Home was closed in early 1968 and was renovated in 1976 to house DSS.

The old health department and DSS buildings have been vacant since October 2012, when the departments consolidated and moved into the Edgecombe County Human Services Building at the corner of Saint James and Saint Andrews Streets. The county estimated renovating the old health department and DSS would have cost at least $1 million.

Persons wishing to make an upset bid on the property must deposit 5 percent of the $550,000 bid to the county manager’s office, for a minimum increase of $27,550. To schedule a tour of the property, call 641-7834.