The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

April 24, 2013

Tarboro receive loan to replace sewer lines


PINETOPS — The Town of Tarboro staff were likely overjoyed when they learned that the town had recently received a N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resource $955,000 loan that will replace some of the much needed dilapidated sewer system pipes. Of the $955,000, $477,523 will be in the form of principal forgiveness with the balance set at 0 percent interest. The loan must be approved by the Local Government Commission.

The money for the project comes from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund. Those funds are set aside to assist local entities to meet state and federally mandated environmental requirements to ensure the water quality in the river is at least as safe after it flows past the town as it was before it got there.

The upgrade to the town's sewer system will help protect the river and the town from EPA violations and possible fines.

"That's good news that we were able to get a grant to repair the deteriorating  sewage lines," said Tarboro Town Manager Alan Thrornton. "The 0 percent interest and having to pay back just $400,000 is even better news."

The project includes the removal and relocation of deteriorated aerial segments of the sewer system.

Upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant lines are also on the list. One of the segments extends over the Tar River on concrete pilings and has been hit by boats. This project involves removing 812 linear feet of iron line and burying it in the riverbank.

The second portion involves 410 linear feet of 24-inch steel pipe that is designated as the Hendricks Creek Outfall. This segment, which is on piers, is badly deteriorated and has been repaired multiple times.

A third section entails the replacement of a section of 8-inch aerial sewer located on leaning brick pilings. This sewer was originally installed in 1948 and, because of stream erosion; the pilings are being undercut and are leaning.

The funding of the project is contingent on the town meeting all the NCDENR scheduled milestones.