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June 15, 2012

Paramore family camping-fishing vacation adventure

Tight Lines
Rick Goines

TARBORO — Frequently, in this space, I encourage readers to take a kid fishing. Being an avid fisherman, I'm sure my viewpoint is a bit prejudiced, but I can't think of a better expression of parental affection than taking the time and making the effort to take young people fishing. And that is exactly what Chester and Jenny Paramore of Tarboro did recently for their 10-year old son, Seth. Not just an afternoon outing, but also a whole week of camping, fishing, and outdoor fun. Just a wild guess on my part, but I figure Seth will remember this wonderful family vacation the rest of his life.

The Paramores set their camper up at a campground near Belhaven on the Pungo River for 8-days and 7-nights of outdoor adventure. Along for the ride was a spanking brand-new 17.5' Key West boat looking forward to its maiden voyage. Chester had some good ideas how to break this bad boy in right, trolling and drifting around the edges of the islands.

They put in at Swan Quarter, and enjoyed some good luck catching speckled trout, flounder, and croakers. The last day in May, Seth was fishing a gold-spinner with a Gulp! Electric Chicken Pogy on a jig.

Seth got a nice hit, and the fight was on! Seth held on tightly to his light-action 5.5' rod & spinning reel, and played the fish perfectly as it pulled the boat around for 10 minutes.

The fish stayed deep, and had Seth's drag singing that ear-pleasing zing-zing tune.

When a big fish is boated, it is usually a joint effort of everyone on board to get the fish over the rail. Chester maneuvered the trolling motor of the new boat like a pro, giving Seth room and leverage to wear the fish down. Jenny had net duty, so Mom had to step in and do her part to save the day. Brought aboard, it was a big, pretty speckled trout, 28.5-inches long, weighing over 9-pounds. That would be a big-time money-fish in most spec tournaments.

Young Seth is quite an accomplished fisherman for a 10-year old, giving credit to Jenny's Daddy, James Rogister, who has taught Grandson Seth his fishing skills while chasing and challenging shad, rockfish, and carp in Fishing Creek, and the Tar and Roanoke Rivers. Seth has some firsthand knowledge and experience handling big fish.

Being an old Maryland crab guy, I found it interesting that they took one day off fishing to go crabbing at Lake Mattamuskeet. Crabs weren’t cooperating, so they stopped off at a seafood market and bought some crab cakes to throw on the grill. Jenny says the crab trip worked out just fine and right tasty, too.

Tight Lines will keep up with Seth and his fishing, and clue you in on his angling adventures from time to time.

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