The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

May 31, 2013

Take a kid fishing this summer

Tight Lines

TARBORO — As you put the final touches on your summer vacation plans, consider a fishing outing for the youngsters.  They might not remember or appreciate that expensive beach cottage rental, or that high-dollar meal at that trendy waterfront restaurant, but I would bet a pretty penny they will recall every detail of a fun-filled family fishing experience.

Just about anywhere you chose to go this summer will offer fishing opportunities. The crystal coast has surf, pier, head boat and charter boat choices to fit any budget. Rods, reels, bait and instructions are all available.  Fishermen are usually helpful. Seek their help and advice. Ask specific questions, then listen and follow their directions. You can benefit greatly from their knowledge and experience. It will save you time and wasted effort and help you find the fish.

Kids need some fishing action to keep their interest.  Set them up for success. Make it a pleasant, fun, low-stress activity for everyone. Snacks and drinks should be readily available. Don’t let it turn in to a competition. You need all winners, no losers.

Fishing memories are long-lasting lifetime memories. Your children will tell their children about catching fish in the summer of 2013. Fishing is an activity they can enjoy and share with others the rest of their lives.  What’s not to like about fishing?

Rick’s Soapbox –  Readers know I support and tout the quality and outstanding good works of our North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC). They do a fantastic job preserving and protecting wildlife in our state. Currently our state legislators have planned drastic budget cuts for NCWRC. Please let your elected officials and government administrators know this is unacceptable. We need and deserve a strong, effective NCWRC. Speak up and be heard.

See you on the water, my friend!