The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

May 24, 2013

Shad Season in Review

Tight LInes

TARBORO — All things considered, 2013 was a good shad season, thoroughly enjoyed the fishing activity and usual camaraderie among shad fishing friends. Shad fishing to me is about so much more than just catching fish.  It’s a total package of enjoyment as it captivates and dominates my life February through May.

Wayne Harrell kicked off the season winning the first shad contest catching his hickory shad on a cold 19-degree Saturday morning, February 2.

The shad hole on East River Road in Tarboro was a little disappointing this year. Untimely flood waters might have limited our regular peak run. Fish were caught and we had some good days, but not the action we have experienced in past years.

The TASS Hickory Shad Tournament had a record number of participants. Timing was good and everyone caught fish. Greg Bottoms, who is making it a habit winning TASS events, took top honors.

The Roanoke River at Weldon was a hotbed of hickory shad activity in March and early April. I enjoyed some fantastic hundred-fish days. I also managed to fall down a steep slope and sprain my foot and toes and on another day imbedded a spoon hook in my hand that sent me to the emergency room. All memories of my Weldon shad season are not exactly pleasant ones, but should the good Lord be willing, I’ll be right back out there in March enjoying that beautiful Roanoke River and its tremendous bounty.

The Tar River at Battle Park in Rocky Mount has seen a wonderful white shad “bite” this year. Many have enjoyed some fantastic fishing days. The run started in late February and dedicated shadsters are still currently catching a few as the season winds down.

See you on the water, my friend!