The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

November 16, 2012

Fishing is spectacular all over coastal eastern North Carolina

Rick Goines

TARBORO — Some are calling the current trout blitz the best Speckled Trout fishing they have seen in years. If you can get those pesky Rockfish to leave your baits alone, most anglers are easily putting legal limits of Specs on ice early, and then enjoying honing their twitching skills with a bunch of catch & release activity.

Wow! A Maryland boy fussing about Rockfish getting in the way is borderline blasphemous. Those folks up there don’t tolerate bad talk about their beloved Rockfish. I could get barred from fishing in the Chesapeake Bay or worse yet, have a limit slapped on my personal steamed, spiced blue crab consumption. Egads!

It looks like the Speckled Trout got the memo on the upcoming TASS trout tournament, because they are biting big time in all the familiar places. Top water baits and MirrOlure MR-17 twitchbaits are most effective. Colder temps and subsequent cooler water will send these fish closer to the bottom. Of course, that changes your offering and presentation completely, but that’s a subject for another day.

Please know and adhere to those NCWRC rules and regulations on Speckled Trout. They are in place for a very good reason. Marine biologists, a whole lot smarter than me, determine size and daily creel limits for the preservation, health, and well being of this and other species. Of course, this scientific research and quota system has obvious long- term benefits for us fishing dudes and dude-ettes.

You can keep 4 Speckled Trout per person daily that are a minimum of 14-inches long. Ignorance is no excuse. Cheat and the NCWRC enforcement officers are going to burn your hindquarters up if they catch you, and rightly so.

I was scheduled to chase some trout this week, but my fishing buddy and boat ride has the flu bug, so I’m dry-docked. I hope to get back at those pretty Specs sooner than later. Besides, wifey is getting so good at grilling those tasty Spotted Seatrout (the official Spec name) that I want to keep her cooking skills fine-tuned and up to snuff. I don’t want the lady’s trout cooking expertise getting slack on me from lack of use and practice. Therefore, I fish! What a guy, huh?

Rick’s Soapbox: If you act quickly, you might still have time to register for the TASS Fall Toys for Tots Speckled Trout Tournament, November 17 to December 1.

Registration cutoff is this Friday, 5:30 p.m. at Roberson & Dupree Shoe Store, 418 Main Street in Tarboro.

It’s easy and fun to participate, and Toys for Tots is a very worthwhile project. So, bring a toy, 25 bucks, and you’re in. Need more info? The answer man is Tournament Chairman, David Mears, and he welcomes your calls at 252-883-4416.

Not fishing? We still encourage you to bring a toy to the shoe store, and give yoursupport to this worthy cause.

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See you on the water, my friend!