The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

April 5, 2013

Sign-up this Saturday for John Cherry Rockfish Rodeo

Tight Lines

TARBORO — One of the TASS premier events that local anglers always enjoy is the annual John Cherry Rockfish Rodeo.  Registration is limited to the first 40 boats.  Full grown men, me included, will be standing in line like giddy teeny-boppers looking concert tickets early Saturday morning waiting for Roberson & Dupree Shoe Store to open at 9 am to plunk down that registration fee.

Hotspot of the Week – Got to be the Roanoke River at Weldon.  This past Sunday I enjoyed an incredible day of Hickory Shad fishing in Weldon.  Numbers-wise, probably my personal best for the 12 years I have been shad fishing.  I was there at first light.  It took me about 40 minutes to find them, and then the bite was on big-time, and stayed fairly steady all day.  However, one of my best-fishing-days-ever did not end well.  Read on.

Shad’s Revenge –  I was wet, cold, tired, and hungry.  I was finishing up a fantastic day on the Roanoke River.  Not a good time or place to get careless, but I did.  I let my guard down, and it cost me dearly.  I was removing a hook from a caught fish, the line snapped back like a tight bow string, and imbedded a spoon hook in my hand.  The thrust was such that it went in deep beyond the barb.  I could not pull it out.  I went to the emergency room at the hospital, and they cut it out.  NOT a fun experience and I don’t recommend it.  It ruined what was a wonderful day, but the entire ordeal will make a good chapter in my book.

I am preparing a short article this week to make extra space for Tarboro Easter Classic (baseball) info.  Go THS Vikings!