The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

June 22, 2012

Pell’s pond party epitomizes what TASS stands for

Rick Goines

TARBORO — Imagine you have a beautiful home in the country outside of Tarboro.  Visualize the centerpiece of that lovely spread is an almost 2-acre picturesque pond stocked with Largemouth Bass, Crappie, and Bream. Now imagine you generously host a pond party for local children and adults to enjoy a wonderful evening of fishing fun followed by refreshments.

 That is exactly what Pell and Lisa Guill do annually with their Pell’s Pond Party.  In my opinion, no event on the TASS (Tarboro Association of Saltwater Sportsman) calendar epitomizes what TASS stands for better than Pell’s Pond Party.   

 Each child was greeted at the welcome table with a fully rigged Zebco 202 Rod & Reel, and crickets and worms to use for bait.  The rod & reel was theirs to keep for future fishing adventures, and every child received from NCWRC a plastic children’s tackle box that include everything a youthful fisherman needs to get started on some serious light tackle fishing.   It was instant fishing and fun, brought to you by the Guills and TASS.

    With the fish on the line, each child went to the Welcome Tent, had their picture proudly made with their  fish, then were presented a florescent green t-shirt designed by Caroline’s Creations that said, “Pell’s Pond Party” on the front, and “I got one at Pell’s Pond Party” on the back, then each gently released the fish.

 The evening was topped off with good eats:  pizza, hot dogs, chips, and soft drinks.  Current TASS President, David Mears, was the chief hot dog cooker, and did his usual fine job whenever he gets behind a grill.

 Approximately 45 children and accompanying adults enjoyed the festivities.  The grounds and pond were in immaculate condition.  You could tell Pell and Lisa had been working hard to make this a special outing, as always.

 The event was free.   No money needed, but I did see some million dollar smiles when those young folks caught a fish.

 In the course of the evening, Jimmy Dupree, Jr. was able to sign-up 30-plus youngsters for the ongoing NCWRC statewide drawing for a whole bunch of great prizes, including several lifetime fishing licenses.

 First and foremost, gracious hosts Pell and Lisa Guill top the list, so, thank you!   TASS officers and members can always be depended on to roll up their sleeves, and help whenever needed.  Pizza Inn of Tarboro supplied the pizza, and Marrow-Pitt Ace Home Center donated the bait.

 As they say, a good time was had by all.

 July 4th is a free fishing day in North Carolina

A recent news release from NCWRC invites new and old fishermen to take advantage of a license-free day of fishing in North Carolina waters.

 “July 4 is your one chance each year to get hooked on fishing — for free! From 12:01 a.m. until 11:59 p.m., everyone in North Carolina — resident and non-residents alike — can fish in any public body of water, from mountain trout waters to coastal waters, without purchasing a fishing license or additional trout fishing privilege.

 Although no fishing license is required to fish on July 4, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission reminds anglers that all other fishing regulations, such as size and creel limits and lure restrictions, still apply.

 To give anglers a better chance of catching fish, the Commission stocks a variety of fish in waters across the state — including trout and channel catfish. The agency also provides free access to fishing sites across the state, including public fishing areas and boating access areas. A list of more than 500 fishing areas open to the public is on the Commission’s website, “

 Care to share?  You’re fishing success stories and pictures are welcome at We’ve got a good one to share with you next week.

 See you on the water, my friend!