The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

May 4, 2012

Two incredible weeks of fishing for Goines

Rick Goines

TARBORO — I have been fishing for more than 50 years, and I would be hard-pressed to find a more productive, enjoyable two weeks of angling. Believe me, it’s not my fishing expertise and prowess. The only time I am the most skilled angler out there is when I am fishing alone.

Seriously, most accomplished fishermen I know also possess some good mechanical skills. Not me, ain’t got none! Anyway, regardless of my limited fishing skills and diminishing physical tools, NOBODY out there on the water enjoys it more than me, I guarantee you.

Several Roanoke River trips out of Scotland Neck with Bobby Mason are embedded in my pleasant memory-brain compartment forever. We bottom fished with hunks of White Shad, and shad minnows, and always got rod-bending results. It seemed like we had our limit before the sun came up. John Partlow joined us on one trip, and he is always pleasant company, and a heck-of-a-good-fisherman that only makes a good trip better.

My 18th Annual Goines Rock-A-Rama at Weldon was superb as usual. We caught a ton of Rockfish, and I got to spend some quality time with family andfriends. A special treat for me was fishing with the older two of my Grands, Hali and Morgan. They make Pop-Pop proud in everything they do. I love them too much!

By now most have heard that I was fortunate and privileged to join Dempsey Dupree in capturing first place honors in the 2012 John Cherry ROCKFISH RODEO On The Tar. Dempsey was our “A” team player. It just goes to show you that you don’t need to be an excellent fisherman to win a tournament, but you DO need to be good at selecting the right fishing partner.

We fished about 3-miles upriver from the River Road boat ramp. Most boats zipped by the very area where Dempsey caught his big tournament-winning fish.

He said his Daddy, Bill Dupree, brought him fishing to that same spot when he was 6-years old. That’s over 55 years ago, folks.

The winners’ money was great, but I would fish to win a free watermelon with my name carved on it, if that was the top prize. It’s considered impolite to discuss money, so let’s just say that I will be able to afford plenty of cigars and Jimmy D Custom Shad Rigs this month…and next month, too!

So, Bill Dupree, you get to share in the tournament win and glory, because it all started with you. He also mentioned that his Daddy, and Jimmy and Johnny Dupree’s Daddy, Jimmy, Sr., were a cracker-jack fishing duo that knew how to slay the fish in the Tar and Roanoke Rivers. Shad and Rockfish feared the sound of their boat, so to speak.

I often kid about writing a book about the “Fishing Dupree’s Of Edgecombe County.” Without a doubt, opening chapter would have to start with the Dupree first cousins, Bill and Jimmy, Sr. These guys were major contributors to the Dupree fishing dynasty in Tarboro, NC.

To top off my two glorious weeks of fantastic fishing, the White Shad are currently biting in the Tar River at Rocky Mount. Wifey brought back some good intel last week about the White Shad action at Battle Park. There I have caught fish every day since last week. A few fish and a little action will help get me up at O’Dark-thirty any day. I will keep going back every day I can until I get skunked. Care to share? We welcome tour fishing success stories and pictures at

See you on the water, my friend!