The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

December 6, 2013

Blounts Creek environment threatened

Tight Lines

TARBORO — It took a year, but Wifey and I finally met Bob Daw at Blounts Creek. An avid angler, Bob writes an interesting weekly blog about Blounts Creek fishing.

Born in Tarboro, Bob is a very gracious, sincere man with a welcoming personality that immediately puts you at ease.  The man loves his Blounts Creek.  He gave us a pleasant boat tour of the Creek and we even managed to catch a few stripers along the way.

Blounts Creek is picture-postcard perfect.  The pristine estuary and productive fishing waters are fantastic.  I was thoroughly impressed with the total Blounts Creek package.

So far this beautiful gem of nature has remained unspoiled by commercial development and big business’ selfish interests.  Unfortunately, that may change soon.

Martin Marietta Materials has been granted a discharge permit that could result in 12 million gallons of groundwater and stormwater dumped in Blounts Creek daily.  It would be terribly naive to suggest the environment will not be negatively impacted.

I wish our legislators, from the Governor on down, could take a Blounts Creek boat tour with Daw.  After seeing and experiencing the beauty and quality of Blounts Creek, I think they would be hard pressed to let anyone threaten and impact that environment.

For my grandchildren and yours, we need to diligently protect Blounts Creek.

(Rick Goines is an outdoor writer for The Daily Southerner in Tarboro)