The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

March 23, 2012

Incredible Shad Bite at Mouth of Fishing Creek

Rick Goings

TARBORO — I have been fishing for shad for 11 years in Tarboro. I have heard about the extraordinary shad bite at the mouth of Fishing Creek since I tied on my first Tar River shad rig. I have been bugging my boating friends to take me there. As luck would have it, I get two invitations on the same day.

Wayne Harrell promised me that when he invited me to go it would be spur-of-the-

moment, and it was. I had one hour to get myself ready, and meet him at the boat landing on River Road in Tarboro. We motored 5 miles upriver to the mouth of Fishing Creek.

Wayne anchored us in his favorite place, and the fun began, by putting out six rods

with different rigs, and let the current do the work. A rod quickly doubled over with

an anxious shad on the other end. We had steady action all afternoon with White Shad numbers far out-weighing their smaller cousins, the Hickory Shad.

Wayne “called ‘em up” several times by intentionally banging something on the boat and/or rustling the water. Much to my surprise, it worked more times than not! I thought he was joking the first time he did it.

I prefer to cast and retrieve, and did so pretty much the whole time we were out there. I was slinging my green-on-green-on-green Jimmy D Custom Shad Rig. Those shad were knocking the green paint off that jig and spoon. I was in love with life! The later in the day it got, the hotter the bite became. We left biting fish in the early evening to return home.

Wayne guesstimated we caught more than 50 fish. I had 3 doubles, and we counted 4 or 5 "Whites" in the 4-pound + range. Just a fantastic, incredible, shad fishing experience is the only way I know to describe it. Thanks for the wonderful, exciting outing Wayne-O!

Hotspot of the Week – White Shad!

Rick’s Soapbox – Fisherman or not, I encourage you to get out to Marrow-Pitt Ace

Home Center this Saturday for the final weigh-in and awards ceremony at the festivities for the TASS 11th Annual Hickory Shad Tournament.

Mid-week Biggest Fish Award - As of 5:30 pm Tuesday 3/20/12, the angler who had weighed in the largest Hickory Shad, qualified for a $100 prize. The winner of that green piece of paper with Bennie Franklin’s picture on it is Jim Dupree, III, one of the famous Edgecombe County “fishing Duprees.”

Shad Hole Shout Out - Yuck, yuck, yuck! If the shad hole has a resident comedian, it is Robbie Webb. Fellow shadsters start smiling and grinning when he pulls up in his truck. Fifty-nine year old Robert Webb was raised in Tarboro, and had been an educator in Edgecombe and Wilson County Public Schools. He has fished the Tar River for 55 years. He favors a tandem rig consisting of an orange jig and gold Hildebrandt spoon.

Don't be fooled by his happy-go-lucky, clowning-around attitude. Robbie is a skilled

fisherman that knows what he is doing, and always catches fish.

If you look in the back of Robbie's truck, be prepared to see any variety of expired

critters. Robbie is a licensed trapper, and sometimes has a demised furry animal as a truck bed passenger.

Tight Lines Special Edition - Look for a Tight Lines special column in Monday's March 26th edition of The Daily Southerner with results of the 11th Annual Hickory Shad Tournament Catching fish? Tell us about it. Better yet, send us a picture with all the details. We love to hear from you at

See you on the water, my friend!