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January 11, 2013

Saltwater fishing schools adds Greenville location

Tight Lines
Rick Goines

TARBORO — Fishing is not an exact science. However, those that depend mostly on luck don’t usually find much of it. If you want to be good at anything, you need to become a student of your desired subject.

Fishing is a prime example of that. Knowledge is power, and those fishermen who seek that all important knowledge and pertinent information are far more successful than those that do not. I believe you make your luck, and educated, informed anglers tend to be a whole lot luckier. Go figure!

Need help catching more fish more often in 2013? Fisherman’s Post to the rescue!

Fisherman’s Post, Carolina’s Saltwater Newspaper, published bi-weekly, is chock full of good fishing information, intel, and photos of saltwater fishing action along the Carolina coast. It’s free and available in many fishing- and tourism- related businesses from the Outer Banks to Myrtle Beach. Saltwater fishermen have come to depend and rely on Fisherman’s Post for its expertise, guidance, interesting articles, and exciting fish snaps.

Who better to take you to school? Fisherman’s Post invites you to answer the school bell for their 8th Annual Saltwater Fishing Schools. They have a Wilmington school scheduled for Sunday, February 10th, a Morehead City school on the calendar for Saturday, February 23rd, and just added this year a Greenville school Saturday March 9th. Cost is $90 in advance, $100 at the door. Hands down, it’s a wealth of information at a bargain price. With the rising cost of boats, tackle, and bait, it only makes good sense to gather all the info available out there to insure your fishing success and pleasure.

Each Saltwater Fishing School is an all day event, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., full of seminars, advice, instructions, and even hands-on rigging stations. Listen to this arrangement.

They teach rigs, you make rigs, and then you get to keep the rigs you made with your very own fat little fingers. What a deal! Anything and everything you need to know to make you become a more successful, result-producing saltwater angler is available to you at the Fisherman’s Post Annual “Hands On” Saltwater Fishing School.

Need more information? Go to, click on “Fishing Schools” for a complete list of classes, sessions, topics, and instructors. Also, you can call (910) 452-6378 or e-mail them at

Tight Lines encourages you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, as this fishing school was ranked by Sport Fishing Magazine as one of the top ten schools in the nation. From beginners to old salts, attending this school can make you a better, more productive angler

Hotspot of the Week: Had a nice outing this past Tuesday, with Elwood Harris, Jr. Elwood and wife, Ginger, are the nice folks that own and operate Country Sunrise Grill & BBQ on W. Saint James Street in Tarboro. Friendly folks and good eats are the winning combination at Country Sunrise Grill & BBQ. Elwood, Wifey Linda, and I went trout chasing at Dawson Creek near Janeiro in Pamlico County. It was a slow day compared to other outings enjoyed this season at Dawson Creek. We fished hard for 6 hours, and thanks to Elwood and Wifey, we brought home 4 nice keepers for supper, and they threw back seven undersized fish. Yours truly caught bumpkis, nada, ye ole goose egg.

Assuming wifey had limited speckled trout experience, I lectured (read that: fussed at) her about what and what-not to do out on the water. Open mouth; insert foot, because the lady out-fished me big time. It will be trash-talking time at our house this week. It’s probably one of the rare times my hearing impairment will be a blessing. Honestly, I was very proud of her. You go, girl!

Want to hear a great ending to a fun fishing day on the water? How about fresh-caught grilled speckled trout, fried green tomatoes, and hush puppies for supper at Country Sunrise Grill & BBQ? Yummy!

Rick’s Soapbox: Get that shad gear out, and tune it up. SOMEBODY is going to claim that Tar River First Hickory Shad Contest prize package worth over a thousand smackers. Why not you? Contest begins Saturday January 19th. Be the first to bring a fresh caught Tar River Hickory Shad to Roberson & Dupree Shoe Store in Tarboro, and you win. Simple as that! You can find prize details in the event on Facebook.

Care to share? Tight Lines welcomes your fish snaps, tall tales, and outrageous lies at

See you on the water, my friend!