The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

March 12, 2012

‘A Camera’s Story’

Hobson Pittman Memorial Gallery



Many of us enjoy documenting life’s experiences with a camera, whether it is with our cell phone or a more advance set of lens.  But many of us might forget that photography is a form of art.  The artist has to consider the subject matter, composition, and now, with so much new technology, photography is similar to painting.


Well, many photographs have a story to tell and it is up to the artist to give us their point of view.   The Edgecombe County Cultural Arts Council is fortunate to provide patrons with a wealth of storytelling through photography with its new exhibit, “ A Camera’s Story.”

The exhibit features the works of Robert Cassanova, Gerald Lange and Demetrious Noble with Julian Hibbard, and each artist brings a unique view of our world.

Cassanova’s work features a sampling of series he has been working on over the past few years.  His artwork depicts striking black and white images of architecture, landscapes, and still images while predominantly focusing on rustic life, places of worship, coastal areas, majestic mountains, patterns in nature, flow of light and form and more.

Cassanova is a semi-retired aerospace engineer and has over 50 years of experience as a photographer. He has a deep appreciation and passion for photography and integrates the visualization process for science and art into his lectures as well.  The process of development of his images is a complex technique because it involves both the creation of black and white images on gelatin silver paper in a conventional, wet chemical darkroom and also uses digitally scanned images to print to archival, pigmented ink.  The end result is a series of beautiful, timeless images.    

Lange began working professionally in photography before graduate school.  He received his MFA from Tulane University and currently teaches at Barton College.  As a photographer, he can draw from his rich experiences in areas of sculpture and drawing when thinking outside the box.  He enjoys working in whatever media he sees fit for a particular project.  He works in both  traditional and digital forms of photography.  His series of images in the exhibit are reminiscent subject matter of buildings such as old gas stations, old barns, old billboards etc. that have a story to tell.  

Noble is both a professional photographer and self-taught artist.  He graduated from Georgia’s Dekalb Technical College with a degree in visual communications and design.  He developed a love of photography and through the lens of a camera, found a voice.  Hungry for the experience of learning from other great photographers, he was fortunate to work with artists such as Joyce Tenneson, Diego Zitelli, and Julian Hibbard before moving to New York and shooting for magazines, designers, and companies. In this particular show, Noble has partnered with Hibbard to create a series of prints.  Images of vintage aircraft are featured.  The rich texture of the aircraft in flight is reminiscent to the images of old war footage.

Each exhibitor gives us a look at a variety of techniques in photography.

The exhibit is on display in the gallery at the Blount Bridgers House through Satruday, April 21. Additionally, there will be a reception from 5-7 p.m. on Thursday, March 22.

The Blount Bridgers House is located at 130 Bridgers St. in Tarboro.  The gallery is open Wednesday-Saturday, 10-4:00  For more information, call 823-4159.