The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

August 28, 2013

Underclassmen lead Cougar to victory

The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Underclassmen got the job done for the SouthWest Edgecombe Cougars Tuesday against the Tarboro Vikings. SouthWest defeated Tarboro in four sets. SouthWest won the first two sets 25-13, Tarboro won the third set 28-26 and the Cougars rallied back to win the fourth set 25-19.

"We played really well together today," Cougars coach Jennifer Smith said. "We did all of the right things together as a team and that helps when we are on the same page."

From service points, to saves, to spikes the underclassmen got it done. Montana York, Lillian House and Kaylan Page were the three dominate factors. York and House were all over the court for the Cougars. Page came into the match and got SouthWest 10 key service points.

York had 17 service points, two spikes and a tip, while House had 11 service points and six spikes.

"This young group of players has been playing well together," Smith said. "I am excited about what they have done so far. I'm looking to developing them even further as the season goes on."

Tarboro had numerous mistakes that costed them. Careless errors and bad serves were just two of the main problems. They also had a lack of communication and their passes were unpredictable.

"We have some players who are on varsity for the first time," Tarboro coach Jamie WIlloughby said. "The game is still a little to fast for them sometimes, but I think the more we play together the better we will get."

Jasmine White was a bright spot for the Vikings. She was all over the court for Tarboro. She had six spikes and six services points. Jess Gaul added eight service points and three tips.

"Jasmine plays extremely well sometimes," Willoughby said. "When she makes a couple of mistakes then she gets down and makes some not so good plays sometimes. Right now we are just trying to get her to be more consistent where she make those big plays at the right times."

For the Cougars to continue to be successful this season, Smith said they need to continue to work together as a team.

"Things have gone well for us so far," Smith said. "We are talking to one another a lot better and we aren't getting down on ourselves when we make mistakes."

Willoughby is hoping her team finds a comfort zone and learns to do the right things as a unit. She wants them to communicate better on the court and make smarter passes.

"We are just trying to get everyone out there and get them comfortable in the positions where they feel most comfortable at," Willoughby said. "That is a key for us and we are still working towards that."