The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

September 26, 2013

Warriors look to build off momentum

Sports Correspondent

LEGGETT — North Edgecombe showed up to play Friday night earning their second win of the season. They beat the Weldon Chargers 28-8. That has given the Warriors some encouragement heading into the game Friday against Kipp Pride, who is coming off of their first win of the season, where they defeated Rocky Mount Prep 36-30.

Kipp Pride runs a power offense and will switch to a spread formation, so Warriors coach Keith Parisher knows it is important for his team to be in the right places at the right times to make plays.

"We have worked on tackling and are working on pass drops," Parisher said. "We have been keying on being in the right position at the right time. We are still working on the little things we haven't quite mastered just yet."

North Edgecombe hadn't mastered the skill of tackling last week. They had trouble tackling, despite giving up just 116 yards of total offense. During Weldon's first series they ran the ball to the left side of the Warriors defense and were able to move it at will. Plus, they gained one to two more yards per play, because the Warriors weren't tackling the proper way.

"We are just grabbing at our opponents and aren't trying to wrap up," Parisher said after the game last week. "We've got to wrap up and make plays, because we can't give up extra yards."

The Warriors also helped out the Chargers by being called for three careless penalties, one, which was 15-yard face mask. After that series, Parisher and his staff made some adjustments on defense and they were able to shut down the Chargers from that point on. They held the Chargers to minimal yards and allowed them past midfield just once after that first series.

"We are right on the verge of having most of my defensive players where I want them, we just have a few things to work on," Parisher said. "We work on defense everyday and last week was better because we played for four quarters."

Parisher was pleased with his team's offensive performance Friday. Sophomore running back Antwoin Pittman was the catalyst on offense. He rushed for 198 yards on 18 carries and scored all four touchdowns.

Parisher believes if his team cuts down on the mistakes then they can be right there where he wants them. He wants his offense to be satisfied with getting just three to four yards a carry. He thinks about every seven to eight plays they can break a long run.

"We have to be content getting three and four yards a carry though," Parisher said. "These guys have to understand that the big plays will come we just have to be patient."

Parisher has moved senior Rodney Conyers to the back field for good and has given the starting quarterback job to Jacoby Bullock.

"Rodney has helped us in the backfield," Parisher said. "I know he can do it at quarterback, but I want someone back there like Jacoby, who will be able to come back next year and build off this season."

The No. 2 state ranked Tarboro Vikings and SouthWest Edgecombe Cougars have the week off. They jump back into action next week when they play their final non-conference game of the season before entering conference play.

With both teams being off, they will be able to get some players back that have suffered nagging injuries and have kept them off the field.