The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

May 16, 2013

Six Tarboro girls to compete in track finals

Sports Correspondent

TARBORO — Motivation is a big part of the Tarboro Viking girl's track team's success this season. They enjoy working hard during practice for their coach Rickie Dozier and get fulfillment when they compete in events. Friday will be no different for the six girls that are headed to Greensboro to compete in the NCHSAA 2-A state championship meet at North Carolina A&T State University. They will compete in three relay events and the long jump.

"The hard work that these girls put in each day has made then be as successful as they are," Dozier said. "I come out here and tell them what to do and they get right on it and do what is asked of them."

Dozier said when he asked something of his girls, they don't have to be asked twice they jump right on it and get their work done. He said they enjoy running the bleachers and also running the hill behind the football field as a workout routine.

"These girls have put in a lot of extra work," Dozier said. "They like doing the extra running that we do. They asked a lot of times can they run those extra things to make them better."

A'Jah WIlliams, Miakia Delotch, Ebbony Hanson, Tyanna Lewis and Jessica Miller have all been together for the past three years. They will compete in the events and Nyasha Savage will be the alternate in case one of them can't compete.

Dozier believes with them being together during that time, has made them bond together and become one of the better relay teams in this part of the state.

Williams, Delotch, Hanson and Lewis run in the 4 X 100 and 4 X 200 relay events. They finished third in the regionals in the 4 X 100 and second in the 4 X 200.

Miller, Delotch, Hanson and Lewis run in the 4 X 400 event and they finished fourth in the regionals.

Dozier said his girls haven't ran much in the 4 X 400 relay, but when they have run in it, they have been successful.

Tarboro had lost only twice going into the regionals in the 4 X 100 and 4 X 200 events this year and both times were in conference action against Beddingfield. Other then those two events and the regionals, the Vikings have had good success. Dozier feels very confident about his teams chances.

"We have a good chance of winning the relay events," Dozier said. "The competition Friday will be St. Paul. They are a dominate relay team and have two sisters who are very fast."

St. Paul beat the Vikings in the regionals and won the state championship last year. Dozier has faith in his relay teams though. He thinks if WIlliams can get back to a 100 percent by Friday then the Vikings will be bringing home gold.

Williams isn't a 100 percent right now, because during the conference meet she pulled up in a relay event with a hamstring injury. Since then, she has been nursing it back towards 100 percent.

Dozier also believes that if one team slips up in the states then it is anyone's race.

"Greensboro's track is a whole lot faster then what most tracks are that any team runs on," Dozier said. "I think we have a good chance, because with the fast track our girls will be a whole lot faster."

Dozier thinks his relay teams will place in two out of the three relay events, but he thinks they have a chance in the 4 X 400 relay. He said he just isn't as confident about that event, because they haven't ran it as much as the other two.

Williams will compete in the long jump event also. She dominated the regionals last week and finished first in the long jump. She had a jump of over 16 feet, but has her work cut out for her, because Dozier said some of the other participants from the west have jumps of 17 and 18 feet.

Dozier said his team is very motivated right now, because they like to have gold around their necks. He said that the girls have said they enjoy being around him, because he is a good motivator for them.

"These girls like to travel and be successful at what they do," Dozier said. "They want to put their names on the board by the football field that says state champions."

If the girls are successful, then they will join the boy's 4 X 100 and 4 X 200 relay teams from a couple years ago that brought back home gold when they were successful in the state meet.