The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

November 21, 2013

Vike cheerers take Two Rivers title


TARBORO — After participating in the Two Rivers Conference cheerleading competition, the Tarboro Vikings emerged with a first place victory. Coach Nicole Jones was also named as the Two Rivers Conference Coach of the Year.

Jones said the secret to the cheerleaders’ success was hard work. “This has been a challenging year filled with a lot of obstacles,” Jones said. “Winning this has meant a lot to the girls and me because it shows how commitment and diligence will pay off.”

The competition was held at South Creek High School in Robersonville, and the cheerleaders recall this day as one of magic.

Jones said that before the team began, the judges had to finish scoring another team. “The girls were anxious, Alexis Williams called the cheer, and they were mind blowing from there,” Jones said. “The rest of the girls just followed in. They did their cheer and a stunt which required crowd participation. The girls had the entire gym participating.”

For Jones and the cheerleading team, precision was another key factor to securing the championship. “We didn’t have the big signs, posters, and other niceties but the girls were very crisp with each movement,” Jones said. “Our fliers went so high that the base girls had time to stand and wait for them to come back down. No one fell. No one slipped. Everything was executed perfectly. You couldn’t get any better than that.”

Jones said whether the team had won or lost, she still would've been proud because she knows the progress they've made.