The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

August 15, 2013

Detroit, a lesson for all


TARBORO — The once great city of Detroit has gone broke, belly up, completely busted and no one can pick up the pieces. One big

problem that should frighten all of us is that there are a number of other cities and some states that seem to be following suit. And, still worse, our great nation is setting the example and leading the way.

What’s causing all of this? It’s obvious for those of us who simply recognize the truth. It’s the far left’s belief that uncontrollable spending, with no thoughts about the necessity of a balanced

budget is perfectly alright, and we’ll all have happy, happy days in the future.

Well we won’t. None of us can get away for long with spending more than we earn by and maxing out a dozen credit cards until our whole house of cards collapses. This is also certainly true of cities, states and nations.

Back to Detroit. The far left liberalism of total rule by the Democratic Party for the past 50 years bred corruption and

racketeering that pushed extortion and fraud to an all-time high. The politicians and pubic union leaders embraced each other with a “You help me and I’ll help you” attitude that filled a lot of crooks’ pockets and led to slack work rules, super high wages, and pension plans and health benefits that were impossible to sustain.

Most of this really got started back in the 60s and 70s. The automobile manufacturers were also to blame. This was their heyday with virtually no competition from overseas. Then came the

imports from Japan, Korea, and Europe. Wow! They were going to have to build better vehicles and cut back on sloppy labor and beer breaks.

The popularity of the foreign cars grew quickly and with that, their companies came to the United States and built their own factories. Mostly they built in “right-to-work” states where they wouldn’t

have to be dictated to by labor unions. They paid as high or higher salaries than the Detroit companies, but since the workers didn’t have to pay union dues, they made more money.

One would have thought the leaders of Detroit were living in a cave. They paid no attention. The city kept spending until now they’re $19 billion in debt. Isn’t that a coincidence? Detroit is $19 billion in debt and the United States is $19 trillion in debt. “Monkey see.  Monkey do.”

Only 60 percent of the streetlights in Detroit work and other services are not being met. Detroit wants to be bailed out by our nation. But, should they be? There are other cities that might also like to be bailed out and perhaps states too. Where will it end? Heck! This nation needs to be bailed out also. Who will bail this country out?

The fact of the matter is, if this country doesn’t begin to cut spending, and work toward getting close to balancing a budget we’re going to be in deep smelly stuff. We know for a fact that

Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are in trouble, but just about all of the liberal politicians in Washington seem to think that we can just kick that can down the road. After all they figure, “I’ll be out of office and retired before that mess hits the fan, so why should I worry?”

The sad thing is that they may be right.

More and more of our citizens are getting some kind of handouts (yes some are needed, some are not), but they certainly know that they can count on the votes of those getting the handouts. George Bernard Shaw once said, “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” Problem is we now have a whole lot of “Pauls” out there, and our government seems to care not at all about anything that might be called a budget. Try to get Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi to go along with any logical balancing of any kind of budget and see how far you get. The very idea of talking about balancing a budget is repugnant to them.

North Carolina is not immune to such problems either. No, I’m not in agreement with everything that goes on in Raleigh, but I certainly don’t like those who oppose the governor just because he belongs to a political party to which they don’t belong. (I’m independent and I vote that way) He is honest. He recently said, “This state is broke.” And he’s right and it was broke before he was elected, and has been for a good while.

Another thing we need to realize and accept is that when times are tough we all need to tighten our belts and work together. I hear those that say that they need raises … and they do. But, when an economy gets shot to hell, that’s when bad things happen to good people.  We’re not going to get out of it by demanding things that we need, but we can’t get, and shouldn’t get, at other people’s expense.

If you don’t believe this then take a look a Detroit, and then take a look at the nations of Portugal, Greece, Spain, and Cyprus. The administration and Pelosi or Reid can’t change this, and they shouldn’t try.