The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

July 19, 2013


Your views


TARBORO — To the Editor:

Tarboro is a wonderful town to live in, full of welcoming folks, and a beautiful Town

Common and historical district and the charm of a rebuilding downtown.  There is a lot to  be proud of when we tell folks we are from Tarboro.  However, there is one segment of,the population that is being neglected and horribly abused and that is the plight of our cats, kittens, dogs and puppies.  There are so many calls being made to the different  groups that try to serve this disadvantaged population that each is overwhelmed.

You can hardly go down a street where you don’t see a group of kittens running out in front of cars, dogs being thrown out onto the side of the road, cats being taped up in boxes and thrown away. Talk with your neighbors and you will hear they are inundated  with cats that have kittens and they are all over their cars, porches, yards, etc.

While there are groups that are trying to rectify the plight of some of our furry friends, those resources are very limited. Each person who rescues a pet or buys or takes in a pet whether it is cat or dog, needs to see that each one is spayed or neutered. Not only are they a healthier animal then there are no more offspring that are taken to the city and

county shelters only to be euthanized as adoptive homes are few and far between.

Please begin the discussions in your neighborhoods about how to stop the unwanted pet population. Communication and collaboration are necessary and we have to start with ourselves as individuals and reach out and support whatever group fills your philanthropic needs and support them so that more animals can be served. I would be interested in hearing from others who have  ideas on how to begin this process.  

Sue Adams,