The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

August 1, 2012

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TARBORO — Princeville resident bashes commissioner

To the Editor:

(I believe) Commissioner Viola Harris is a liar. Commissioner Harris stated on July 16, 2012 in the Daily Southerner that she visits all her towns in District 2.

Thank God for Mayor Linda Ingram of Conetoe, (who) revealed Harris told lies in the newspaper’s issue on July 20. If she lied on the Town of Princeville and the Town of Conetoe, Commissioner Harris has never done anything to benefit these two towns, she will lie on other people and other towns in her district. She cannot be trusted and only brings confusion to all Princeville board meetings. No one can believe and trust a liar.

She needs to be remove (sic) from the Local Government Board (LGC) and not be re-elected as the county commissioner.

The Bible states a liar is worse than an infidel (a person that brings confusion and disloyalty).

Jo Ann Bellamy


Princeville resident questions Harris’ place on LGC

To the Editor:

Why is Commissioner Viola Harris on the Local Government Board (LGC), that consists of the state treasurer? (I believe) she is a liar.

Harris should be removed from Local Government Board (LGC) and not be re-elected to the county commission with this type of character.

I have attended many town board meetings and I have observed Commissioner Harris at the meetings. She  always wants to talk out of order at the meetings by raising her hands to speak when she is not a resident of Princeville. Mayor Oates always states the proper procedures for Commissioner Harris (to speak) by asking her to get on the agenda.

Why don’t the people in District 2 know anything about her and (she) has not given these towns any benefits, jobs, information, etc.

It’s time for residents to get together (because) what our slaves fought for is being taken away because of (the) likes and dislikes of each other.

Maxine Lyons


Tarboro Senior Games participants raising funds

To the Editor:

Three months ago, a group of Down East Senior Games participants from Tarboro qualified to participate in the North Carolina Senior Games State Finals to be held from Sept. 10-Oct. 21 in Raleigh and other venues around the state.

(At these games) Others will give their time as volunteers during the events. All are proud to represent Tarboro and Edgecombe County at this competition. To help defray the expenses for several days in Raleigh, the group has sponsored a fundraiser at the Pizza Inn and had a yard sale at Roberson Center. On Saturday, Sept. 8, a pancake breakfast sale will be held at Andy’s of Tarboro.

In addition, donation jars are being placed at local businesses. Donations may also be made at the E.L. Roberson Center.

Please support these seniors as they help spread the word that Tarboro is a “fit community.”

Judith Moss

Senior Games Ambassador and Participant