The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

August 18, 2013


Your Views


TARBORO — To the Editor:

So who are you Mr. Allen Dennie Jr.? I have never heard of you. I have tried to find your voter registration on the North Carolina State Board of Elections website and I can't find it.

Somebody said that you have an impressive resume. I say and ?

But what I find interesting is the following. Mr. Dennie the current Sheriff is the following: "The sheriff of any county should be a person who has a personal interest in the citizens that work live and visit their county,"

Dennie said.

Mr. Dennie the current Sheriff is: "The sheriff should be someone of great moral standards and character.

Mr. Dennie the current Sheriff has done and continues to do the following since he has been in office.

"It is my intention as sheriff to bring back what the Edgecombe County citizens deserve and have been without for a long time. Mr. Dennie this county has not been without the following since this current sheriff has been in office.

"It is my intention as the next sheriff to create and maintain a level of enforcement that is unequal to any around us and to always be open and to think outside the box for prevention avenues and enforcement policies to serve our citizens."

So, Mr. Dennie, my question to you is that have not stated anything different than what the current Sheriff has done and continues to do, so what is the reason for you running?

I know you say the public asked you to run. But who is the public and for what reason did the public ask you to run? It can't be because of the above quotes from you. Some folks may not like the current sheriff because some folks just don't like the way some folks look and if they have disagreed with something they have said and done. But if the quotes above is their

final answer, then obviously they don't know him. I stand behind the current sheriff because I was there when he was appointed and I have been actively engaged in Edgecombe County as a community and political activist since the late 80's.

I will challenge anyone when it comes to standing behind the current sheriff because I know him, just like I know the majority of the elected officials in this county.

Curmilus Dancy II