The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

August 18, 2013


Your Views


TARBORO — To the Editor:

I am glad that opinions are being expressed regarding my actions at the Town Council meetings,  both by Mr. Walker and Mr. Wooten.

It is my intention to expose the concerns expressed to me by the taxpayers of Tarboro, and when I find something that causes Tarboro not to be the Town we can all be proud of, I will speak up. I was told by people in Ward 8 when I ran for this office not to be like the rest of the Council and I expressed that to the members. The problems that exist in Tarboro should not have to be aired in public or at the Town Council Meetings and there should not be any discord.

It is my desire to see that the entire Town is clean of clutter and that regardless of what direction you enter the Town or what section you are in that each one is presentable to everyone in the area.

We should not focus on one certain area or one certain problem. I was told at an early age that it is just as important to polish the back of your shoes as it is the front, because you never know who is walking behind you. Look around and you determine if Tarboro is the town you can be proud of, and if not, let's work togather to make it the same Town we have all come to love and the town we care about. If anyone is upset with me for wanting the best I am sorry; however, that is my desire and I feel no shame for that desire.

We are Tarboro as a whole not a Tarboro divided by sections. If the entire Town were taken into complete consideration there would be no problems. If the ordinances were carried out as written, instead of by interpretation, we would  be in better shape.

 Why were position changes for parks and recreation not presented prior to the town budget being passed? If there was a problem with the pay schedule why did it not come up before the budget was passed and corrected?

Blame me for wanting the best for Tarboro. This is my hometown were I have lived for over 65 years and have made my living.

Yes, I am passionate and admittedly sometime over anxious to see things get done, and having said that, respect goes two ways.I serve because I care.  If caring is wrong then I am guilty, if wanting the best for all the citizens then yes, I am guilty; of not caring I am totally inocent. It is my desire to serve each and every citizen of Tarboro, a town of which we can all continue to be proud.

Garland Sherpheard

Councilman, Ward 8