The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

February 18, 2013

To The Editor:

Gun rights advocate: Take assault weapons


ROCKY MOUNT — Your coverage on the gun control debate was fair and accurate and I have fought against gun control my whole life. The sad thing is this time the American public is haunted by the ghosts of 20 innocent children and the claims by the proponents for assault weapons is making all gun owners look callous and uncaring.

That is not true, for the majority of gun owners are responsible people who do not seek that adrenalin rush that comes from shooting rapid fire guns — which is the only real reason people want these weapons of mass destruction.  Assault weapons were designed with one purpose in mind and that was to kill other humans and that is why they need to be only in the hands of professionals like the military or law enforcement. I know the argument that guns don’t kill people and have used it many times, but in this case the accessibility to an assault weapon gave this mentally deranged demon the means to get into this school and take away the constitutional right to live from so many people.

Remember … this weapon was purchased legally by the mother of this nut and since she was part of the doomsday movement, even her sanity can be questioned, so the argument that we can do more by improving mental health care is not valid. The only way to keep these weapons out of the hands of nuts who kill indiscriminately or gangbangers who drive down city streets spraying bullets that kill children every day is to remove them from public use. Besides that, I want to keep my guns and if a tragedy like this happens again  the next push at gun control will target more than just large clips and assault weapons. Believe it or not, those who support gun ownership are a small minority and if we keep angering those who remain neutral, the anti-gun groups will have the upper hand — no matter how much money the NRA spends or how hard they fight.

Sometimes compromise is the answer, for you might lose a little but gain a lot in the long run. Over time, the American public will stop wondering whether those kids were begging to live, calling for their Mom or Dad, or just curled up and waiting for their time to die, but right now, all of us who have a heart are haunted by those thoughts and know something has to be done. Removing assault weapons from easy access is a step forward.

Allen Key