The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

July 10, 2013


Your views


TARBORO — To the Editor:

This is in response to an editorial from Greenville's Daily Reflector in the July 5 Tarboro Southerner entitled "Hands Off Community Water Systems".

I agree with the Reflector's view that the state legislature is overreaching with a progressive bill (HB 488) where it proposes to seize control of local water systems and services without compensation, and puts it under control of an unelected state board. I'm opposed to unelected regional governmental authorities. As one who campaigned for two freshmen House members in Pitt County, it is very disappointing that the present state legislature would be doing such a thing.

At every opportunity, we should be seeking to remove the shackles of government from our lives. Whether the local governments mismanage or run their water and other services well, they should be seeking to privatize the utilities in their communities. The local governments should see that its citizens get good affordable service. They should not burden themselves, their citizens, and their customers with the responsibility of any more government salaries, benefits, and pensions than necessary.

The private ownership of local water systems and other utilities should be accomplished voluntarily and by mutual agreement via a fair market purchase from the local governments to publicly traded companies. Publicly traded companies offer investors income opportunities. Companies would then be responsible for providing the salaries, pensions, and benefits for their employees.

I have a hobby of collecting rainwater from my house to water my lawn, wash my vehicles, and for drinking (after boiling and filtering). When I see governments seizing water systems from each other, I have to wonder when they are going to try to take control of water on private lands such as wells, ponds, cisterns, and rain barrels.

Hands off my rain barrels and other private water resources!

Privatize utilities!

Leon Wilson