The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

October 3, 2012

Your Views

Leon Wilson

TARBORO — To the Editor:

The 2012 presidential election reminds me of the tale of two churches – Hebron and James.  Both tackled building projects during the mid-60’s. Both had successful building contractors active in their congregations.  Hebron chose their contractor to manage their project. However, James selected a TV and appliance businessman to oversee theirs. Hebron, who wisely relied upon the building experience and expertise of their contractor completed their project on time and under budget. Hebron continues to benefit from their new sanctuary and educational building.  James kept their old sanctuary, and added a new educational building.  However, the second story of their educational building went unfinished for 10, maybe 20 years before they completed it. Meanwhile, the contractor at James moved his family to another church.

Our nation has an opportunity to elect and benefit from Mitt Romney’s extraordinary and successful problem–solving experience as a stellar businessman. He understands how to manage budgets, create jobs, and how to benefit from free-market capitalism, a necessary economic system to support freedom.  He also understands that to defend our freedom we cannot unilaterally disarm our conventional and nuclear military advantages.

I believe Mr. Obama fully intends to destroy our conventional and nuclear advantages. He hates capitalism, won’t create much less manage a budget, and destroys jobs. His experience as a community organizer was to agitate unsuccessful groups to hate America. That’s how he was raised during his teenage years by Frank Marshall Davis, a communist writer under surveillance by the FBI for 19 years.  Davis was considered so dangerous (it has been said) that he would have been one of the first people arrested had we ever gone to war against the USSR.

The choice is clear. We must elect Romney if we are to begin to restore sanity to our nation’s finances, military, and culture.

Think before you vote!

Leon Wilson