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August 20, 2012

Prince administration upset with LGC’s investigation

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Mayor Oates Mayor Pro-Tem Andrews Commissioner Sherrod Town Of Princeville

TARBORO — To the Editor:

Commissioner Ann Howell and Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight have done it again, leaking out false information. Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight was at the Town Hall and she knows the restraining order clearly states that she cannot be within fifty feet and no communication with Interim Town Manager Maggie Boyd unless there is a Board Meeting. Guess what? There was no Board Meeting. Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight should be in contempt of court.  

This is always typical of Vance Holloman, Deputy Treasurer and Sharon Edmundson, Director of Fiscal Management (LGC) without investigating the truth. Commissioner Ann Howell and Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight were at the Town of Princeville on Monday, August 6, 2012 to tell some of Vance Holloman and Sharon Edmundson’s (LGC) Staff concerning credit cards fraud. When Sharon Edmundson heard about what these two Commissioners had said, she decided to write a letter to Mayor Oates and the Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 without consulting Maggie Boyd, Interim Town Manager, to get the documents as evidence of proof which is on file at the Town Hall. Commissioner Ann Howell and Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight gave Calvin Adkins this document that was not public records. Adkins stated that Mayor Oates charged the credit card 133 times without documentations. This is a lie and it’s not even in the public records of the auditor’s report. These lies will be forward to my personal lawyer.  Sharon Edmundson and Staff are at the Town Hall almost every day. Surely they could have taken the time to pull the documents. Not only is Vance Holloman and Sharon Edmundson is working their staff at Town Hall, but they are also working Princeville Staff, in which LGC stated they were only going to work their own Staff. LGC sited (sic) and gave the Town a warning in order for the Former Finance officer not to be anywhere around the books nor having anything to do with finances. Listen to this, she is working with LGC Staff every day with the finances, checks, account payable, everything. LGC Staff has gotten the Town’s mail box key and is opening up all the town mails, which are town administrative duties.

If Sharon Edmundson (LGC) had taken the time to look, she would have noticed that all the transactions that were made, was town’s business related, with proof of documents, receipts attached, filed by the Town’s Clerk, and was approved by the Former Manager and Budget Officer, Victor Marrow. Victor Marrow was the one who opened credit cards accounts for all the town policemen to use for fuel, without the Board approval. It was under Maggie Boyd’s management to collect all the credit card from the town policemen. Ms. Boyd gave Chief Petway one credit card for him and the other officers to use for fuel. Ms. Boyd instructed Chief Petway to be the one to monitor it by using a log sheet. It should have been Sharon Edmundson (LGC) Code of Ethics duties to produce proof of evidence before she makes anything public records. We will make sure our personal lawyers receive a copy of LGC’s letter dated August 7, 2012 and was submitted by Sharon Edmundson (LGC).

In conclusion, leaving it up to Calvin Adkins, Staff Writer of Daily Southerner, any bad news sells faster than anything that is good and completely true. We truly believe that you just cannot handle the truth, which is the main reason why we do not response to you, just like we could not response to Terry Smith.  Isn’t that right, Calvin?

Mayor Oates

Mayor Pro-Tem Andrews

Commissioner Sherrod

Town Of Princeville