The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

August 17, 2012

We Salute....


TARBORO — • TARBORO POLICE DEPARTMENT and EDGECOMBE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, which partnered in an emergency response drill to test the preparedness of both organizations.

• EDGECOMBE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, who voted to pursue a $4.6 million loan and/or grant to install a wastewater collection facility in Speed.

• NORTH EAST CAROLINA PREP, on a successful first week ever of classes at its temporary facility in the former Tarboro Edgecombe Academy.

• Officials of EDGECOMBE, HALIFAX, NORTHAMPTON and HALIFAX counties, on collaborating to unveil the NURSE-FAMILY PARTNERSHIP. The effort is designed to help young mothers break the cycle of poverty by providing what was described as a “life coach and nurse.”

• EDGECOMBE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS, on involving both parents and students in its annual Leadership Academy in an effort to raise student achievement.

• EDGECOMBE COUNTY, on making application for — and receiving — a $75,000 URGENT REPAIR GRANT, to assist low-income residents in making necessary repairs to their homes.

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