The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

August 13, 2012

Remembering a special lady

Blanche Johnson Taylor

TARBORO — To the Editor:

My name is Blanche Johnson (Patsy) Taylor. I am a native and former resident of Tarboro and I am writing about a precious lady from Tarboro who will be 96 years old this month. Her name is Mrs. Martha Parker.

She took care of my precious Mother and Father after my mother had five strokes. Mrs. Parker took such good care of her, that she never had a bed sore, and after my Mother’s death, she took care of my Father until his death. She also kept our family home spotlessly clean during all of her employment for our family. My Father was Mr. H.D. (Slim) Johnson, who was mayor of Tarboro.

She helped so many in Tarboro, that I am writing this, hoping that all others she truly worked for and helped will remember her, visit her, or call her on the phone to let her know she is still remembered for all she has done for so many over many years. Mrs. Parker’s husband used to work for the Presbyterian Church there. He has been dead for many years.

Come on Tarboro, keep her in your prayers and let her know she is still appreciated for all her hard work for many others, not just the Johnson family.

Mrs. Parker’s address is: 2407 Lynn Ave., Tarboro, 27886. God bless her forever!

With much love and prayers from former Mayor H.D. Johnson’s Family.

Blanche Johnson Taylor,

Morehead City