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September 11, 2013

Tarboro Mayor candidate John Wooten

TARBORO — The three candidates for Tarboro mayor are Donnie Hale, Rick Page and John Wooten.  The Democratic Women of Edgecombe County met August 19 in Edgecombe Memorial Library.  DWEC Vice President Vickie Phillips introduced Candidate John Wooten and his Campaign manager Walter Byrd.

Candidate John Wooten is really John Sloan Wooten, Jr.  His father, John Sloan Wooten, Sr. from Princeville, first married Maggie Battle from nearby Coakley.  After she died, his father left this area and went to Maryland.  There he married Lettie Brown.  John, Jr. was the only child from this marriage. Two months before he was born, his father died.   

After researching much of his father’s family, John gave his Clinton, Md home to his son.  In 2006, he bought “Richard Regan’s” house at 3706 North Main Street and moved to Tarboro.  

During and after his Air Force military career, Wooten attended night classes at the College of Southern Maryland and Mary Wood University, where his major was business management. Now, his Air Force uniform is in the Edgecombe County Veteran’s Museum.

He has two daughters and a son.

John was at the U. S. Department of the Navy, Patuxent River Naval Air Test Center.  He worked in the Department of the Navy’s Public Works Department; Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (Intermediate); Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (Journeyman); and was Federal Women’s Program Manager, which enhances the quality of life for women.

In Alexandria, Va., he was in the Defense Logistics Command.  He was Equal Employment Officer Branch Chief in the Program Management Section and Branch Chief of Management Analysis Section before retiring.

During his Air Force military career he traveled all over the world including Europe and Asia but he never went to Africa.  Among places where he was stationed were Osan, Korea and South Carolina. Six years after he retired, he joined the Air Force Reserves.

BUSINESS EXPERIENCE:  He sold these businesses that he owned:  (1) Wooten’s Cleaning Service in Washington, D. C., Virginia and Maryland. (2) Wooten’s Transportation (expedited delivery).  

EDGECOMBE COUNTY/TARBORO COMMUNITY SERVICE: In the past he served as Fundraising Chairman on the Board of Directors of the Community Enrichment Organization.

Currently he is a member of:  the Phoenix Historical Society, the Mentor at Tacks Mentoring, Eastern Shore, and the America in Bloom Steering Committee.

HIS IMPROVEMENT IDEAS FOR TARBORO:  (1) In response to member Viola Harris asking how he would control order in the Tarboro Council meetings, he replied, continue to “Use the Robert Rules of Order.”  John attends all Tarboro Council meetings.

(2) John suggests an Economic Development Director be hired to concentrate on studying the serious Edgecombe County unemployment situation.  Presently, it is in the 14% range.  “Last year a little over 400 students graduated from Edgecombe County high schools and Edgecombe Community College’s Early College.“  It would create more job opportunities for all who need more job employment as well as encourage students to remain here after graduation.  Those who leave for higher education at other places can be inspired to return to Edgecombe County. We need the input of these graduates.

Edgecombe County taxes are higher because its population is decreasing.  The more people leave, the less money we will have.  

Our Legislatures have the minimum wage as low as $7.50 an hour.  A mayor has no vote and cannot do it all.  John wants to work with the County to increase job opportunities to help Tarboro citizens.




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