The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

July 3, 2013

Edgecombe 4-H’ers make presentations at North Carolina 4-H Congress


TARBORO — Edgecombe County 4-H’ers recently participated in the events of the 2013 North Carolina 4-H Congress on the campus of North Carolina State University (NCSU).

Twenty 4-H’ers from Edgecombe County competed in the state 4-H presentation program during Congress, which teaches young people how to be confident and present themselves before peers and judges, and improves their verbal and oral communication skills — all key aspects of creating a sound future for themselves.

Edgecombe had six North Carolina 4-H gold winners, including:

• Emily Hill, 10, daughter of Vivian Turner of Tarboro, presented “Taking the Guess Work Out of Gardening,” in the area of agriculture.  Emily’s focal point was the importance of how to take a proper soil sample test before planting.

• Hailee Whitehurst, 10, son of Ross and Kim Whitehurst, shared “Sheep Talk” in the livestock and dairy production category. Hailee’s presentation shared management practices of caring for a sheep herd.

• Tucker Harrell, 12, son of Gene and Rhonda Harrell of Tarboro, did a “Turkey Talk” presentation in the turkey barbeque category. Tucker received a grill for his accomplishments of grilling safely and preparing scrumptious turkey tenderloins.

• Hannah Pilgreen, 15, the daughter of Jay and Gina Pilgreen of Tarboro, presented “How Sweet are You?” in the health category, where she shared diabetes awareness and how Americans need to be mindful of exercise and diet to avoid becoming diabetic.

• Will Wollett, 16, son of William and Susan Wollett, presented “Marketing Perfection” in the horticulture production and marketing category. Will’s state win earned him honors to represent the state at the National Jr. Horticulture Convention in Williamsburg, Va. in October, where he will compete for a national title.

• Corbin Griffin, 16, son of Pat and Melinda Griffin, presented “Corbin’s Curb Appeal” in the landscaping category. Corbin highlighted utilizing ornamental grasses as landscaping resources. Corbin’s accomplishment also earned him the opportunity to represent the state at the National Jr. Horticulture Convention, where he will compete for a national title.

There were also six silver winners from Edgecombe.  

Team presenters Evan and Zachary Hill, sons of Chris and Jeannie Hill of Tarboro, competed with “E-Z Safety” highlighting the importance of learning marksmanship, safe and responsible use of firearms, principles of hunting and archery, and opportunities to develop life skills, self-worth, and conservation ethics through the 4-H Shooting Sports Program.  

Allison Lancaster, 15, daughter of J.E. and Melissa Lancaster of the John Deere 4-H Club, discussed the importance of the nutritional edible egg with her presentation, “Incredible Edible Egg.” The highlight of Allison’s presentation involved the preparation of making egg salad with her secret ingredient – the “avocado.”

David Parisher, 15, son of Traci Parisher and Pam Lancaster of Macclesfield, presented

“David’s Terrific Turkey Tips” in the turkey barbeque category. Judges commended David for his outstanding knowledge of turkey facts and unique sauce.

Parisher’s older brother Michael Parisher, 16, presented “Dirty Jobs” in the category of poultry production. Michael shared information regarding the ever growing poultry industry and its importance.

“Fueling for Fun & Fitness” was Mackenzie Thompson’s peanut foods presentation. Mackenzie, 15, is the daughter of Carter and Michelle Carter. The family enjoyed learning about peanuts in preparation for Mackenzie’s presentation, especially the P-Nutty Broccoli Salad recipe she shared with her listening audiences.

Trey West, 13, son of Kevin and Shannon West, presented the pork-cookery themed “Wolfin’ Down Pork.”  Judges highlighted Trey for his knowledge of grilling pork safely.

Four young people brought home bronze acolytes. They are as follows:  

Caley Mayo, 12, daughter of Travis and Kristy Mayo, presented “401K My Way” in the area of family consumer sciences. Caley walked through investment strategies to share how to make a 401K potentially grow.

Mary Catherine Mayo, 13, daughter of Danny and Wendy Mayo, presented “Storing for Life.”  Mary Catherine shared the importance and convenience of making sound purchases of pantry items and survival items that enhance a family’s life any time — not necessarily in an emergency situation.

Jordan Lewis, 12, daughter of Jimmy and Teresa Lewis of Tarboro, shared “Go Green.” In her environmental science presentation, she shared three important tips that all Americans should consider doing in order to keep our earth clean and safe: “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.”

Joey Moseley, 12, son of Paul and Regina Moseley of Whitakers, presented “Bright, Brighter, and Brightest.” Joey shared the early beginnings of electricity followed by contrasting various energy efficient light bulbs. Joey engaged his audience with determining which bulb produced the best lighting while practicing electrical conservation.

4-H’ers Ashley Wollett, Lillie Medlin and Carolina Mayo, all of the Now ya’ Working 4-H Club, presented in the 4-H presentation program and did very well.  

4-H Academic Scholarship winners were recognized for their achievements during the Monday evening program hosted by Dr. Richard Linton, NCSU Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Edgecombe County 4-H’er John Ronald Walton, son of Johnie and Lesa Walton of Tarboro, was awarded the Gen. Hugh Shelton 4-H Leadership Scholarship valued at $1,000, the Jack Parker 4-H Livestock Scholarship valued at $1,000; and the Edgecombe County 4-H Livestock Scholarship valued at $1,000. John Ronald will attend NCSU beginning in the fall.

The final recognition provided to the Edgecombe County 4-H Program was in honor of their dedicated 4-H Community Service Program. The “4-H Community Givers” in 2012 worked with 46 organizational partnership projects that were all deemed successful. Because of their outstanding contributions and service learning work, they were recognized by the North Carolina 4-H Honor Club and received third place honors.   

Edgecombe 4-H’ers work extremely hard all year to be a part of North Carolina’s 4-H Congress event, and there are those who are making plans to be a part of the 2014 4-H Congress experience right now.