The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

September 21, 2012

LGC: Princeville rehiring illegal

The Daily Southerner
Calvin Adkins

TARBORO — PRINCEVILLE — The N.C. Local Government Commission ruled the emergency meeting that was held by the town on Sept. 10 to rehire former interim town manager Maggie Boyd, was illegal according to state statutes..  

The LGC addressed a letter to Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates Wednesday, stating that the state commission do not believe the purpose of the meeting meets state statutory requirement for an emergency meeting nor was proper notice given.

The LGC also stated that assigning Boyd as the interim town manager did not meet the guidelines provided by the LGC's budget that was produced for the town.

On Sept. 10, Princeville Board of Commissioners voted 2-1 to rehire Boyd as interim town manager/clerk to work 19 hours per week.

"The position was included in the budget to provide needed back-up to the collections clerk and to provide adequate staff to perform office task, such as answering the phone," the letter states.

Commissioners Calvin Sherrod and Isabele Purvis-Andrews voted to rehire Boyd while Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight voted against it. Commissioner Ann Howell did not attend the meeting. Everette-Oates, who only votes during a tie, did not vote.

Knight and Howell have argued that Boyd, who was hired in February, is not qualified for the position. Everette-Oates has stated that Boyd is one of the best town manager that the town has had.

Boyd's position, along with four others, were written out of the town's budget by the LGC in August.

LGC produced the town's budget after the state agency deemed Princeville's finances in shambles and took over the town's finances. The positions cut from the budget included, town manager, accounting clerk, finance officer, a part-time office clerk position and a currently vacant position in the police department.

The position that was funded was a collection clerk and a part-time office staff in which the board appointed Boyd to fill that position and included duties as a town manager.

 "It does not appear that the board has chosen to use this position to meet those needs. If this position is not going to provide the services for which it was budgeted, it will be deleted from the operating budget for the town."

In reference to the state law violation, the board failed to give notice to the media and purpose of the meeting did not meet requirement for an emergency meeting.

"Because of these concerns, we do not believe any action taken at the meeting is enforceable," the letter states. As a result, we cannot approve any payment of salary for Ms. Boyd's position or pay her for any work performed until such time she is hired according to the statutory requirements."

Despite the letter, Boyd was at work Thursday.