The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

November 6, 2013

Election turns new leaf in Princeville


PRINCEVILLE — All three Princeville incumbents were ousted Tuesday during the municipal election.

Bobbie Jones won the mayor's seat by a landslide, with 376 votes compared to 92 for Incumbent Priscilla Everette-Oates, Milton Bullock, 73 and Theresa Williams 20 while Ward 3 incumbent Isabelle Purvis Andrews (29) was ousted by JoeRoam Myrick (130) and Ward 4 incumbent Calvin Sherrod (61) fell to Pam Ramsome (79). A third candidate, Tyrone Hopkins picked up 24 votes. All votes are unofficial until they are canvassed.

Jones can now put his campaign slogan, "Let's make Princeville Great Again," in action.

The 52-year-old assistant principal literally won the race when the absentee ballots were tallied and he had received 174 votes compared to 65 for Everette-Oates and 45 for Bullock.

Once Jones realized he had won, he recited his campaign slogan.

"It's time to go to work," he said. "We ran on a platform of bringing the town back together and being on one accord and doing what's best for the citizens of Princeville. I cannot do it by myself. I am going to have my hand out to everybody who cares about the town of Princeville. I want the town of Princeville to be what it should be."

Jones acknowledged the citizens for their votes as well as his campaign partners.

Everette-Oates was seeking a third term in office. She was also elected in 2000.

Bullock, 73, was seeking a political office for the first time. As soon as he realized that Jones had won, Bullock walked over and congratulated the new mayor.

"Bobbie ran a good race," Bullock said during a telephone interview. "We have some of the same visions. He will make a good mayor if he is not bought by some of the outside forces. I wish him the best under the terms that he is his own person."

The political race was not the first for Williams. In 2009, she ran for mayor and received 40 votes. Everette-Oates won the four-candidate race with 294 votes. Tyrone Hopkins, Delia Perkins also ran for the seat.

Hopkins' run for Ward 4 Commissioner seat this year produced the same results. The race turned out to be the closest, but Hopkins was not in the running. Ransome had 42 vote for the absentee count compared to 34 for Sherrod and 10 for Hopkins. Ransome is also a first time candidate. She appeared to be elated by the victory.

"I'm looking forward to serving the citizens of Princeville in a fair and honest way," she said.

Myrick said he was surprised that he won by a lopsided margin. He didn't take any credit for the victory.

"I would like to thank the citizen of Princeville especially the citizens of Ward 3 for using their voice to vote as an expression of confidence in me," he said. "It is such a privilege to be your next commissioner. I'm humble that you have placed your faith and confidence in me. This is a responsibility that I do not and will not take lightly. And I will represent you with the upmost commitment."

The elected officials will take their seats in January.