The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

January 28, 2013

Edgecombe Garden Club learns to make garden figures out of small flower pots

Dee Long

TARBORO — The Edgecombe Garden Club met Jan. 9 at the Fountains of the Albemarle. After President Pauline Nicolosi greeted everyone, guests Sara Dupree and Terry Wilson were introduced.

Sandra Joyner, Devotion Chairman, read “A Season for Everything.”  President Pauline thanked Linda Whitley and Jane Caison  for doing the table arrangements with various winter greenery and berries.

President Pauline announced the Rocky Mount Garden Club, Englewood Garden Club and our club will participate in a standard flower show on Saturday, April 27, 10-5:00 p. m. The theme is” Spring Sonnet.”  It will be in the Maria V. Howard Arts Center (the old Braswell Memorial Library) in Rocky Mount and is free to the public.

Master Gardeners will speak 10-5;00 p. m. Georgia Mixon, Chairman, is an experienced flower show judge from the Rocky Mount Garden Club. Many flower arrangements are needed.  They are to be brought 8:00-10:00 a. m., Friday, April 26, the day before the show.

Maryann Rettino, Bird Chairman, strongly encouraged all members and people in our community participate in the Feb. 15-18 Great Backyard Bird Count. It is easy! Write down the number and name of bird(s) seen in one hour or in one day. That’s easy! Everything is explained on .  The valuable count information reported is needed in studying our bird travels.  

 It is a fun way tens of thousands in the world do and is hosted by Audubon, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Bird Studies Canada. More bird watchers are needed from this area!

Former president Marilyn Douglass introduced speaker Myra McCall, an accomplished craftsman.  She spoke on “Making Pot People.”


MATERIALS NEEDED: Five 4 inch pots, fourteen 2 inch pots, and 1 inch thick Styrofoam board.  Cut into ten 1 inch cubes; .plaster,  16 or 18 gauge wire (one piece 6 inches long and two pieces 28 inches long); one 3/8 inch dowel that is 1 foot long; and a 4 inch Styrofoam ball (optional).

TOOLS NEEDED: hot glue gun, marker, wire cutter, pliers (may be needed to bend wire, knife (or whatever you use to cut the Styrofoam sheet), small bucket, measuring cup, and a small shovel or trowel (to mix and place plaster).

FIRST: Mark a dowel 2 ? inches from one end.  Bend a 6 inch wire in half and wrap securely once around the mark on the dowel.  Bend the excess wire to fit the space.

On small pieces of paper label the pots 1 to 4. Insert the dowel in pot 4 and through 3, 2, and 1.  Be sure pots are lined up and fit together well. Hot glue the dowel in place and let it cool to room temperature.

SECOND: Mix the plaster (workable but stiff) and pour in pot 1, covering the dowel.  Let stand till plaster is hard which is usually one to 2 days. After the plaster is hard, un-stack the pots.

Fold a long wire in half and wrap it twice around the dowel above pot 4.  This will be the attachment for the legs.

Place pot 3 over the wire (If desired, hot glue can be used to secure dowel to pot 3.) and pour plaster into pot 3 (about half full, maybe less).  Place pot 2 with top up.  Let it stand 1-2 days.

THIRD:  Bend long wire in half and wrap around dowel above pot 3.  (Do the same with pot 1.) This will support the arms.  Secure the wire with a small amount of hot glue. Place pot 4 upward and secure with hot glue.

FOURTH:  Alternate placing a 2 inch pot on leg wire with a cube of Styrofoam as a spacer until the 4th pot is in place.  (The last pot will not need Styrofoam.)  Bend wire to secure.  Repeat for the other leg.

FIFTH:  Repeat the process for arms using three 2 inch pots for each arm.

B.  BIG POT PEOPLE INSTRUCTIONS:  Put BIG round pots together with rope.  Use a steel rod and washers for the body from his bottom pot up through his neck.   To keep his head from sitting on his shoulder, make him a neck with a little saucer pot.  Drill a hole in it.  To put him all together, drill 2 holes for arms and 2 holes for legs.  In each hole, take a piece of rope, tie a knot and use a washer. Start from the inside of the body coming out.  Now he is sitting, his body together and with 4 ropes out of him. Now use a pot for an arm.   Put it in and put a washer on it.  Use washers because you do not want it to pull. You need to distribute the weight. To keep the knot from pulling on the hole, tie a knot in a rope and put it on.  Now, put the next one on. Tie a knot so the next one will come about right. That’s the way you make the arms and legs.   

l. IMPORTANT SIDE INSTRUCTIONS:  Make a female, male, adult, or a child pot person.  Put one in the house, on the porch or in the yard. Use Velcro or hot glue. It is best to decide where you are going to put him because  you will  not have to move him; bring big pots in during freezing weather. It is suggested to use new pots.

2 .POT PEOPLE IDEAS TO MAKE:: boy with shoes and a scuffed up baseball hat; lady with sunglasses; bikini on woman; witch with a mask, mop for hair, broom in hand; wear a hot pink sun visor; put on old chair where he is a gardener, shoes from the Thrift Store with folded Velcro and pretty little button;; buy pots from Dollar Tree; great gifts.    

SOURCE: Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, Summer 1999, “The Weekend Gardener.” “Guardians of the Garden” article.