The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

April 5, 2013

Town council faces brief agenda Monday


TARBORO — It’s a short agenda but, based on past sessions, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a short meeting when the Tarboro town council gathers at 7 p.m. Monday. The meeting will be held in council chambers, located on the second floor of Town Hall.

There are five action items on the agenda, including the ongoing process of selling city-owned property in an effort to create additional revenues.

An offer to purchase the property, located at 1211 Bradley Ave., has been submitted by Othar Daniel Woodard, John Wooten, Bernard Dunn and Richard Parker, Jr. in the amount of $500.

Town staff is recommended that council accept the offer, which would still be subject to the upset bid procedure.

Other items include:

• A budget amendment in regards to insurance claims being reimbursed.

    The amendment is necessary because of three insurance claims generated in January and payments received. The claims were generated when one police car was struck in an intersection on Jan. 2 and Jan. 22 when another police car was involved in a high-speed chase and rear-ended the chase vehicle when the driver slammed on their brakes and the third was when a radio could not be located at the police department and was claimed as lost.

    The cars have been replaced and a new radio purchased, although $1,000 remains in dispute with the insurer of the driver who hit the police car on Jan. 2 in regards to a damaged laptop that was in the patrol car.

    Staff recommends council approve a change of $11,126 to the refunds and reimbursements category of the general fund and also approve two separate general fund expenditures — $6,317 in auto supplies and $4,809 in department supplies and materials.

• An amendment to the employee classification and pay plan.

    The amendment is offered to allow for the better utilization of personnel in Public Works and proposes changing a currently vacant wastewater treatment plant operator position to a plant maintenance specialist position that will serve both the wastewater treatment plant and the water treatment plant.

    Staff recommends the addition of the position at Grade 7 and a salary range of $23,662 to $37,580. The amendment does not include the pay scale information in regards to the vacant position.

• The discussion of an application submitted for a Vidant Edgecombe Hospital Community Benefits Grant by the Parks and Recreation Department.

    Staff is requesting approval for the department to move forward with a proposal for a program called Fit Club if the grant is approved. The grant application is for $1,650 with no matching monies.

• Discussion of the town’s utility policies regarding deposit and reconnection fees. The current policy was adopted on Jan. 9, 2006.