The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

January 31, 2014

Princeville changing names of four streets


TARBORO — PRINCEVILLE — After months of Edgecombe County Planning and Zoning office attempting to make minimum name changes of four streets, the board unanimously gave it the nod to do so.

During the town's regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, the board approved to add the word South to Main, First, Church and Dancy streets. Brian Hassell, Edgecombe County Planning director, said the changes are necessary because Tarboro has four streets with the same names. The similarities have created problems with mail carriers and could cause problems with emergency response time.

Hassell told the board the change could save lives. He explained that new names would eliminate emergency responders from responding to Tarboro when the call may come from Princeville and vice versa.  

"When there's an emergency, every second counts," Hassell said. "This will eliminate potential problems."

The town must purchase 22 signs to cover the changes. Hassell said signs purchased by the county cost $85 per blade. Princeville blades are smaller and could cost less.

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