The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

December 26, 2012

Community activist Dancy considered lucky; Pinetops native’s birthday is on Christmas

The Daily Southerner
Calvin Adkins

TARBORO — By many the standards of many, Curmulius “Butch” Dancy II may be considered one of the luckiest men in the world because of his birthday. The Pinetops native was born on Christmas Day, and this Christmas, Dancy will turn 50 years old.

Dancy has not planned a big party, nor will he be looking for lots of gifts from his family and friends. He said he plans to enjoy his birthday and Christmas by giving gifts to the people he loves.

“I don’t put a lot of emphasis on me for Christmas,” he said. “But I make sure that my family is taken care of. I tell my children not to buy me anything, but they get me something anyway.”

As a youngster, on Christmas Day, Dancy became the envy of the neighborhood. One of his most memorable Christmases was when he turned 5-years old.

“I got a mini-bike,” he said. “There were no other kids around that had anything like that. Then when I was in the 7th grade, I got an off-the-road motorcycle while all the kids in the neighborhood had 10-speed bikes. I kinda felt left out so my parents bought me a 10-speed in January.”

Dancy grew up on a farm with his dad Curmulius Dancy Sr. and his mom, the late Dorothy Gray Horne Dancy who died Sept. 17, 1997. His parents worked public jobs but also farmed. The double income afforded the Dancy family the opportunity to provide more for their children than many families in his neighborhood.

“We usually got things all year around, so after a while, Christmas didn’t mean as much to me,” he said. “I remember my daddy giving me $100 every Christmas. He does the same thing for my children. He gives them a little more than he gave me. He gives them $200.”

Although Dancy may have gotten everything he wanted for Christmas while he was growing up, all of them were not merry.

“When I was 18 years old, my great-grandmother (Roberta Horne) died on Christmas Day,” he said. “That was a sad time for my family. I will never forget that day.”

This Christmas, Dancy said he will reminisce about his love ones who have passed on, especially his great-grandmother.  

Dancy didn’t write a letter to Santa requesting gifts for Christmas or for his birthday. But he does have a Christmas and birthday wish that he hopes to fulfill in the near future.

All I want for Christmas and my birthday is to be able to afford to give to children during Christmas,” he said. “There are too many children who go without during the holidays. I don’t know what that is like. That’s why I want to give back.

“I want to do it in honor of my great-grandmother. I’m not talking about just one time. I want to make it an annual event and even pass it on to my children so that they will carry on. That’s what I want for Christmas and my birthday.”