The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

December 9, 2013

Sheriff requests federal probe


TARBORO — Federal investigators were contacted by Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight to investigate a former detention officer, who allegedly brought contraband to federal inmates.

"We received a tip five months ago about a detention officer bringing in contraband to inmates," Knight said. "We decided to bring in federal agents to investigate the matter to make sure the appropriate actions were taken. We didn't want people in the community to say we were covering up anything so that's why we went outside our jurisdiction and let another agency conduct the investigation into the matter."

Knight said he wasn't at liberty to release the officer's name because of the ongoing investigation, but reliable sources say the officer was a female.

According to Knight, the detention officer has since been terminated and the investigation should be completed within the next week or so.

"I will not tolerate that type of behavior, conduct or any type of actions like this from an employee," Knight said. "We have zero tolerance for that or any other negative type of behavior."

Knight said when the investigation is completed, he will release all details of the case and who the former officer was.

The county houses federal inmates who are awaiting trial or sentencing at the detention center on Anaconda Road. The county receives money from the federal government for housing the inmates.