The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

November 1, 2012

Classic Halloween treat at diner

Van Holland

TARBORO — Employees at Classic Diner made Wednesday an exciting day for customers and people who passed by in their vehicles and walked down Main Street.

The employees, including owner Bud Woolard dressed up as super heros and gave everyone excitement as they watched Wednesday.

Woolard was dressed as Thor and walked around the front of the business with his hammer in hand and greeted people as they approached.

“We had a great time giving our customers some excitement,” Woolard said. “It was lots of fun and that is what we are all about here at Classic Diner.”

Woolard’s son, Brandon Woolard, dressed up as Captain America, because he said he enjoyed reading comics and that was one of his favorites so that gave him the idea of the costume.

While outside greeting customers and others as they passed by, the employees would pass out candy. They even made special trips inside the business to greet children of all ages and gave them extra candy.

“We can’t explain how much fun this has been,” Woolard said. “We had people of all ages stop by and speak to us while we were out front.”

Not only were people stopping to speak to the employees, they also wanted to take photos with them. Overall, there were at least 30 people who took photos with all the employees, Woolard said.

Waitress Cierra Coward was dressed as Wonder Woman, while cook Manuel Velasco dressed up as Batman.

Several others who help out around the diner also joined in on the excitement and dressed up. Verl Harmon dressed up as The Incredible Hulk while Jose Rodriguez was sporting an Iron Man costume.

With all the excitement going on at the diner, the six super heros enjoyed their day and continued to wave at cars that passed by and even put on a show for several others. The super heros would flex their fake muscles and then some would salute others.

The younger Woolard, said it made him feel like a kid again.

“I enjoyed greeting all of our customers while I was dressed up,” Brandon Woolard said. “I had people stopping in cars that were riding down the street and would lean over and take pictures of us. It was just lots of fun to be able to come out here and enjoy ourselves today.”

Throughout the year, Classic Diner hosts different events during the holidays.