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November 20, 2013

JFK assassination focus of presentation at library

TARBORO — Fifty years later, the assassination of the nation’s 35th President John F. Kennedy is still a subject that intrigues Americans.

Dr. Grover Proctor, proclaimed to be an expert on the subject, will give a presentation at the Edgecombe County Memorial Library at 7 p.m. Thursday. Admission to the Friends of the Library event is free.

“This is a topic of perennial interest. I don’t think people ever get tired of talking about the various and sundry ideas of what people think took place that day,” said Library Director Roman Leary. “It’s one of the signature events of the 20st century.”

People have different theories on the Nov. 22, 1963 presidential assassination, but even if people at the presentation disagree with Proctor’s theories, it will be a “great starting place” for a discussion of the historical event, Leary said.

“He’s a recognized authority on the subject.  He’ll be able to respond to questions that people have and offer some information that they might not be aware of,” Leary said. “I think people are going to find it very interesting and entertaining and informative and thought-provoking.”

One of the many lingering questions that people have about the JFK assassination is whether Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin. Proctor shares his thoughts on the matter in his “The JFK Assassination: A Reply to Students’ Questions:”

“I believe the evidence is overwhelming that Oswald was not the lone assassin. In fact, there is evidence that he was not even one of the assassins…”

Proctor broke new ground in the JFK assassination in the early 1980’s with his research on Oswald’s alleged telephone call from the Dallas jail to a former military counterintelligence agent in Raleigh.

“John David Hurt was a military counterintelligence agent during World War II, and that fact alone was enough to raise all sorts of suspicion about what the connection between him and Oswald may have been,” Proctor writes in his reply to students’ questions.

Attendees at Thursday’s program will have a chance to hear Proctor’s responses to other frequently asked questions about the assassination, such as “From where do you think the shots were fired at President Kennedy and Gov. Connally?” and “Do you believe President Lyndon B. Johnson was involved in Kennedy’s death?”

Proctor is currently a member of the graduate faculty of Walden University in the School of Public Policy and Administration and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. He is also a member of the statistics faculty of the University of Phoenix and owns and directs a consulting company, The Proctor Agency. He and his wife Adrianne live in Cary.

The Edgecombe County Memorial Library is at 909 Main St. in Tarboro.


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