The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

March 22, 2013

Church group to hold youth summit


PRINCEVILLE — Apostle Emma S. Dickens of the Kingdom Empowerment Ministry of Scotland Neck, hasn't forgotten her humble beginnings and now she want to give back to the children of her home town.

Through her church, Dickens is sponsoring a youth summit from 6-8:30 p.m. Monday at Princeville Elementary School to address the social ills that children are facing today. The event is opened to children and adults. They are calling it, Generation With the Annointed Purpose Youth Ministry 2013 Taking It To The Streets.

"Some people may ask, 'What good can come out of Princeville?'," said Edward Powell, a former resident of Princeville and the moderator for the summit. "I say a lot. I look at the people who are in our church who are from Princeville and see productive members of society. This is Apostle Dickens way of giving back. She grew up on Neville Street. We have done similar things in other towns, now it time for us to do it in her home town."

An "open mike" panel discussion, on a variety of social topics, is on the agenda. Demetrius Hill, a former resident of Princeville and Kiara Day of Tarboro, are two of the panel guests. He has also invited Princeville Police Chief Joey Pettway.

Recently, Princeville has had a number of governmental problems that led to the Local Government Commission's taking control of the town's finances. Powell said he doesn't anticipate discussing those issues.

"This is the time to give back to the youth of our community, instead of judging them," Powell said. "We'd rather help them than criticize them and encourage them to take alternative methods to better themselves. It is our pastor's never ending dream to see the young people of Princeville become productive members of society."