The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

December 14, 2012

Your views

Mary Lou Flowers

TARBORO — To the Editor:

What do Joe Gallinoto, Johnny Walton, TH Boyd and Taco Bell have in common?  

This time of year most of us reflect on the things we have to be thankful for and the importance of giving. There are so many extra special blessing I think of each year.  I thought this year I would spread the word of good works and good cheer.  Three things automatically come to mind.

1. Years ago before we had county water, we had two wells.  One was a deep well that stopped working because the foot on the end of the pipe messed up.  One of our neighbors, Joe Gallinoto came to the rescue and took an A-Frame swing, hooked a jack to the pipe and jacked it out of the ground and replaced the foot.  Several months later the well caved in. We switched over to the shallow well and had to buy another pump.  Another neighbor, Johnny Walton and Joe Gallinoto got these hooked up.  This worked for a short while.  On the morning of Christmas Eve, I was busy cooking for our family from Wilson that were coming for dinner.  There would be about twenty of us when they arrived.   The well went dry.  No water…….Santa himself and his chief elf, under the disguise of Billy and Bill Dew brought a huge tank of water and put it in our well.  The night was saved due the good deeds of these wonderful men on Christmas Eve.  Thank you so much to these men who lets you know the world is still a good place to live.  

2. If I could vote for the business that gave the best customer service in my world, it would be Boyd’s Tire Service.  Mr. T.H. has always done exactly what he said he would do and when he said he would do it and with a smile.  I can’t tell you how rare this is in today world.  Thank you Mr. T.H. for making this a good world to live in.  

3. One day this past year when all of my grandchildren (nine of them) were on Spring Break I had planned a special treat that included Taco Bell for lunch to be taken to the park where we would spend the afternoon.  I picked up the food and got to the park, spread our blankets and passed out the food to find we did not have all of our order.  I checked the receipt and we had been charged.  I called Taco Bell to make them aware and the employee that answered the telephone told me I could come back and pick it up.  Out of sheer frustration, I asked if she could bring it to me because I would have to pack up all the children and bring them.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think they would.  She came back to the telephone and asked me where I was and to look for a red truck.  THEY BROUGHT ME THE FOOD………I WAS SO THANKFUL AND realized again this is a good world we live in.  Thank you, Taco Bell.

In such times as we now live in, it is so important to look for the good and when you do you will find it because of THE one who gave us His Greatest Gift.   

Merry Christmas,

Mary Lou Flowers