The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

September 4, 2013


Your Views


TARBORO — To the Editor:

It appears Mr. (Garland) Shepheard is shaking up things in our fair city according to a recent Daily Southerner article. Hurrah for him. This citizen, for one, believes the status quo needs a little shake up.

I don’t know if Mr. Shepheard is disrespectful with his words and/or

actions at council meetings or not. I don’t attend them any longer. It isn’t that I don’t care that some residents may suggest.

I made a conscious decision to not attend council meetings after they gave rubber stamp approval to raise my taxes several years ago. Perhaps childish, but the way I feel.

If he is/was disrespectful, then by all means he should apologize. Yet, no one — to include residents, elected leaders or our town manager should imply he doesn’t care.

Councilwoman Ruffin was quoted as saying “Mr. Shepheard is not trying to help Tarboro grow” Please explain to this reader why we shouldn’t know specific details about a town budget that doesn’t appear to ever go down? Regardless of whether town staff have ever been asked for that level of detail before or not.

Councilwoman Owens is quoted as saying “He is totally out of control.” I will take out of control if it means expecting no facility, no ward or no resident to be treated differently from another. I will take out of control if it means I never have to call about trash getting picked up or limbs picked up in our cemeteries.

Perhaps the most troubling is Mr Thornton’s insinuation that Mr. Shepheard is not “working for the betterment of the town of Tarboro and all of its citizens.” I don’t know you nor have the ability to read your mind but surely you don’t feel this way because someone questions you or members of your staff nor accepts the “status quo”.

I left this town for over 27 years for good reason and came back for good reason. I disagreed with former Councilman Melvin Muhammad on many issues, but I appreciated the fact that he never accepted the status quo. Councilman Knight never accepts the status quo, which is why I asked him to run for mayor.

I am far from perfect and have made many mistakes. Yet, you can’t question my love or support for this town and I will never accept the “status quo” or “bobble-head” mentality that is pervasive in our fair town. Thanks Mr. Shepheard for stirring things up however please play nice. The “status quo”can’t stand the heat.

Bobby Freuler