The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

August 29, 2013

Response to “So who are you Mr. Allen Dennie Jr.?”

The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — For years I have read the digressive comments of Mr. Dancy.  Often I dismiss his comments and write off his doltish responses.  However, when I read the attack on Allen Dennie I could no longer contain my disgust.  Mr. Dancy I would like to address some of the issues you have raised.  First, Mr. James Allen Dennie Jr. is a registered Democrat who lives in Conetoe.  He has participated in many elections.  With a little more investigation, and possibly removing your blinders, you would have avoided making such a nescience remark.  To help you verify this you can visit the Edgecombe County Board of Election and ask for voter registration number 4508.  This information is public record.

Second, Mr. Dennie’s resume is impressive.   Both Mr. Dennie and Sheriff Knight have impressive resumes.  To dismiss either resume without merit is adverse to the idea of being an informed and educated voter.  I would hope that you would expect considerable qualifications regarding candidates for the job of Sheriff.

Mr. Dancy I agree that Sheriff Knight is “a person who has personal interest in the citizens that work, live and visit” Edgecombe County.  However, to haphazardly dismiss Mr. Dennie and his intentions to run for Sheriff are not productive to the election process.  In this country people should have the right to file for public office and to have their ideas, goals and philosophies vetted, not mocked.  For you to be so condescending shows your true lack of appreciation of the process.

Mr. Dennie has announced his intention to file for Sheriff of Edgecombe County.   The counties citizens have not even had one second to research his goals, objectives, philosophies, and dedication.   I am sure in due time, Mr. Dancy, that Mr. Dennie will answer all of your question as to what sets him apart from Sheriff Knight.  I for one am excited that there will be some competition for Sheriff Knight.  I think that the common denominator of a democracy is in fact competition.  I am proud that Mr. Dennie has stepped up and exercised his constitutional right.  

Mr. Dancy life is not always about agitation and angst.  Maybe you should ask Mr. Dennie who he is personally instead of publically trying to discredit him.  As a 20-year law enforcement veteran I am very respectful of the Office of Sheriff.  It is a position that demands and requires respect and trust.  In time I think that you will find that Mr. Dennie has the aptitude required for the prestigious Office of Sheriff.  Best of luck to both of these men in their quest for Edgecombe County Sheriff!