The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

May 15, 2013

"Princeville Cemetery Cleanup Volunteer Meeting Scheduled for Saturday"

Letter to the Editor

TARBORO — To the Editor:

This is just a reminder to those interested and concerned with our previous announcement that we are on schedule for Saturday for our Princeville Cemetery Cleanup Volunteer Meeting.

We're looking forward to having our first initial brainstorming meeting concerning the cosmetic appearance of the historic Princeville Cemetery.  The meeting will be held from 10 a. until 1;30 p.m. at the Greenwood Community Center [on Hwy 111/Greenwood Blvd.) adjacent to the Cemetery (blue building with fence).  The tentative plans are to meet and greet and take a walk through the entire cemetery to get an overview to help us prioritize the most urgent needs.   We will then return to the center to organize various cleanup teams and discuss the phases we'd like to use to approach the project.  There will be representatives from various state and

national agencies (Keep America Beautiful) to help structure the

most feasible restoration-plan.   Some will be knowledgeable of whether there are existing funds and grants for projects that may be available to help with the project. We anticipate there will be regular meetings once we have established the various PCC team

leaders and their committees.  The objective and goal is to organize and coordinate team schedules where a team or teams will periodically come out, monitor and perform the necessary tasks to help maintain the overall appearance of the cemetery.  It is presumed that the most crucial projects

(the roadways) will be the primary concern.  Due to potential legal

conflicts, we are not trying to ressurect nor move any existing

headstones.That would be the responsibility of the surviving descendant(s) of the family in question.  Keeping the grass mowed, removing fallen trees,

picking up blown flowers, trash etc. will be the general concerns of the PCC teams’ chores.   After the roadway surfacing-phase is accomplished, the next

phase will be determined by the PCC team leaders and their committees as to

what (decided by vote) the next project will be.  This is a Twin County

Communitywide project and suggestions and ideas will be welcomed. We're looking for a great, enthusiastic group of

concerned volunteers to come out Saturday.  Please bring your young ones, this could be a two-fold opportunity to share some history and demonstrate what responsible and accountable adults do in regards to their deceased beloveds final Earthly residence.

Milton Bullock