The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

September 5, 2013


Your Views


TARBORO — Concerning the Tarboro High 2013 Vikings football team: They have heart and desire. That was shown Friday night versus Washington. Just like last year’s state championship game, we got behind against a very good team. The Vikings didn’t quit even though they had several injuries throughout the game.  Right up to the last minute we had a chance  but, things didn’t go our way.

Sometimes it takes a loss to really get you focused on every little detail that it takes to be a championship team. I mean that for the coaches, the team, as well as the fans.

We are Tarboro!! Other teams want to be like us, but to be like us they have to beat us.  We have a tradition, a legacy of winning, not just our conference, but the eastern championship and several state championships. Every team we face will get up to play us to the best of their ability.  They know if they beat us they have accomplished one of their goals for the season. Last year, at the end of the season we went to Farmville, who, at the time, hadn’t won a game. I was talking to some people from there about how they had been having a rough season. One man said to me,” If we can beat Tarboro it will be worth it all.” So Vikings, get ready to see everyone’s best  on Friday night.

Every team has an identity, strong running game, passing game, a tough defense, a team with heart and desire. That plays hard to the very last second of the game. That is to be seen as the season goes on. I would love to have all of that on a team, but I will gladly take a team that has heart and desire, if you have that the other identities will follow.

One last thing, I don’t want anyone to take for granted that dropping from 2A to 1A is going to be a cakewalk for us.  They (1a) may not have as many bodies on the team, but they will be playing with 11 players on the field.  And they will probably be just as big and fast as we are. Take nothing for granted! Give it your all every play! Let’s get ready for another state championship!

Mike Boyd