The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

May 7, 2012

Your Views

Melanie J. Goff Bradley

TARBORO — To the Editor:

I attended games at the Indian Lake Sports Complex this weekend to enjoy my friends and see their sons play ball. We are so lucky to have this wonderful facility here that draws crowds from Virginia and other distant areas — along with the money they spend here in Tarboro!

One area needing attention at Indian Lake is the recycling capacity. All the permanent round cans are marked with signs for trash only, directing patrons to discard plastic bottles elsewhere. There were also many unmarked square rolling containers. I never found recycling until I ran into a Town employee who mentioned Thomas Perkins would welcome a suggestion. The only recycling bin he showed me was an overflowing bin next to one tall divided can. One can cannot serve four ball fields!  (There were about four trash cans per field.)  

At a past Happening on the Common, the recycling and trash containers were parked in pairs, in close proximity. Most people will recycle their plastic drink bottles — it’s the law in NC! — but it has to be easier to do.  Even the town employee, in view of the full bin, said it would be OK to throw away my bottles. But it’s not OK.

What kind of commitment will it take to provide adequate recycling to this otherwise premiere facility?  I would be willing to support it.

Melanie J. Goff Bradley

Rocky Mount NC 27801

Edgecombe County