The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

February 6, 2013

To the Editor:


ROCKY MOUNT — To the Editor:

What has Clark Jenkins done? He has served his town, his county, and his state for five consecutive terms in the North Carolina Senate. He has led a life of service to his business, his church, and his family. He has been a friend and a partner with me and my family for over 50 years.

If the Daily Southerner believes that the fact that because Clark is a senator, then it’s “news” of any financial difficulties he is having, then the publisher of the paper shows very little sense, very little compassion, but a great deal of interest in gossip.

Clark’s personal problems with his mortgage company were revealed weeks ago in a legal publication in the paper. This was probably was very hard for him and embarrassing, I’m sure. Why was it necessary to cut the legs out from him again on the front page of the Daily Southerner? He has done nothing wrong legally. He has done nothing wrong ethically. He has done nothing wrong morally. He is just like myself, and most of all my friends, trying to deal with a very difficult economy.

I am sorry to see that the venerable paper that my firm has dealt with for over 100 years has become a gossip rag. Shame!

Joe Pitt