The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

February 4, 2013

To The Editor:


ROCKY MOUNT — To The Editor:

 Your article about Senator S. Clark Jenkins Thursday (January 31) was not only disgusting, it crossed the line of decency, and it inappropriately invaded his privacy. While it is true that Senator Jenkins is a public figure that represents our area in the North Carolina Senate (which he does quite well);  Mr. Jenkins is entitled to his privacy.  You know absolutely nothing about the circumstances concerning Mr. Jenkins’ disagreement with his bank, and they are none of your business.  You should be ashamed of printing such a sorry story, it serves no public good, it unearths nothing improper, illegal, or immoral. I know people that work with a shovel in a horse barn that perform better. Matter of fact, on second thought, you both have much in common!  Mr. Jenkins, and his family do not deserve your “barnyard” treatment, or your “yellow journalism.”

Sen. Jenkins has represented his district (including Edgecombe County) in an exemplary manner, he is a tireless public servant that is above reproach. His character is unmatched, his honesty never questioned, and his integrity never impugned. He is the best public servant you have ever had. He goes to the most extremes to be fair, he bends over backyard to assist those that are difficult circumstances, and he helps those that cannot take of themselves. He represents his district extremely effectively because of his tenure, and the respect that he has earned in Raleigh.  Nobody does it better!  He is such an asset to our community. In  times like this, I wonder why he even tries.  Then I remember S. Clark Jenkins is a big man, and a good citizen.

You owe Mr. Jenkins, and Sen. enkins a prompt, and sincere a headline apology!

Thomas A. Betts

Rocky Mount