The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

June 21, 2013



TARBORO — To the Editor:

My name is Trey Lancaster and I’m a rising eighth grader at C. B. Martin Middle School (MMS). I’m writing to give you my perspective on my school and my hopes for the future. It seems like people are always talking about the negatives and problems at our schools without pointing out the good things. As a student, I can tell you there are plenty of positive things happening and students like me think things can improve even more with help from our community.

At MMS this past year, we’ve had great leadership by our principals, Mr. Privott and Mr. Morris. Even though their positions have been temporary, they have done an awesome job of supporting us and helping us be more organized and they are willing to help us in any way they can to become better. I also have to say my teachers were amazing. I had my favorite teacher, Mr. Chad Horner, as well as, Mr. Matthew Waldin, Ms. Lauren Prudenti, and Ms. Kendall Davis. I called our group “The Dream Team” because we could accomplish anything we set out to do as long as we were willing to work hard together. My teachers went above and beyond to ensure me and the students in my class had the instructional time necessary to learn. They made time to make our school days not only productive but fun and exciting. They were there anytime I needed them, and it was never unusual to still find them there after 5:00pm or even on Saturdays. Three adjectives that always come to my mind to describe them are inspiring, motivating and outstanding! Mr. Chad Horner and others inspired me to learn, motivated me to work hard, and because of this are my outstanding lifelong mentors! I will always be thankful to them for the opportunity they provided me at MMS. There are a lot of great teachers at MMS and at the other schools in Edgecombe County, just like there are a lot of good students here who are excited to learn new things and want to get an education we can rely on in the future. We should all do a better job of recognizing the people who are making a difference every day in the lives of the students in our area. They definitely don’t get paid enough and the least we can do is thank them.

Unfortunately, all the hard work done by the administrators, teachers, and students won’t be enough if we don’t have the support of our community. We all need to take more pride in our schools. We have to believe they can work and if we all take ownership of our responsibilities then we have a chance for success. All schools have problems and we can learn important things from our failures but we should also put our focus on the good things and keep a positive attitude so we can try and make things better for ourselves and for the classes that come after us. No matter what school we come from, we need for our school system and community to have faith in us and support us in whatever ways they can. There are more ways than ever for us to communicate using the internet and social media and we have to educate the public on our needs and how they can help as well as what we can do for them and all the accomplishments we’ve made so far. I hope we can all do a better job of spreading the word that there are exciting things happening with the proud Vikings at MMS and in all of the Edgecombe County Schools that the residents of our county can be very proud of.

In the end, I know you can only get out of something what you’re willing to put into it. Money is always short and there will never be enough to do some of the things that bigger school systems do. But we can make sure that we use the money we do have wisely and use the resources in our community in the best ways possible. Some improvements don’t cost anything such as volunteering time and teamwork. More parents should be involved in their children’s education by being involved at their schools. A lot of my classmates and I have good ideas and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make them happen, we just need someone to listen and help us find the best ways to do things. We hope that if people in our community see us working hard then they will be more likely to pitch in and volunteer to make a difference too. Individually, it’s hard to make big things happen, but if we all pull together we can surpass expectations and achieve any goals we set for ourselves. Please help support the future of our area by taking an interest in our schools. Look for ways to help students become better educated and more well-rounded adults who will make Edgecombe County proud.

Trey Lancaster